Know About Tissue Processing & Role Of Paraffin Blocks In This Process


Tissue processing is a kind of method in which gross examination is done between tissue fixation and the sectioning of paraffin blocks. To put in simple words, it is not easy to simply put fixed issues and embed it without paraffin blocks. Actually, the tissue is placed in a tissue cassette. Talking about the two prominent preparation of slide is sectioning (having two types of sectioning called frozen and paraffin) and staining (including two types: routine and special stain) of tissue. Tissues processing is a bit complicated procedure that needs to understand carefully. Here, we are going to emphasize it so that you will get to know more about what is all about tissue processing and the role of paraffin blocks. Let’s check it out more about it.

Use Of Paraffin Blocks –

Tissue microarray technique holds a procedure in which a hollow needle is required to eradicate tissue cores having a size of 0.6mm in diameter from the area of paraffin-embedded tissues like tumor or clinical biopsies samples. After that, these tissue cores are placed in a recipient paraffin block having precise space. And the next step is cutting the sections from a particular block using a microtome placed on a microscope slide. Then, it is analyzed by the experts following any advanced method of standard histological analysis. It is being informed that each microarray block can be transformed into having pieces in between 100 to 500 sections subjected to independent tests. Talking about the tests covered by tissue microarray are:

  • Immunohistochemistry,
  • Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization
  • And Cancer Samples And So On.

All about paraffin processing and embedding the tissue

To put in a medical term, processing is all about getting all water out from the tissue so that it could be allowed regarding paraffin wax penetration and tissue can be embedded on that. The process of embedding the tissue is followed right after getting done with paraffin processing. The next step is opening the cassette and scanning the tissues placed insider safely. Once scanning is done then the tissues are transferred into a metal mould having molten wax. After that, it is placed to a cold plate so that wax could get harden leading to a permanent solid block of wax and all set to store for many upcoming years. Now, these blocks can easily be retained and used for future studies. With the help of these blocks, new treatment and the best way of treatment can be innovated to make patients’ lives better.

There are certain reputed platform being trusted by many professionals when it comes about paraffin block. These platforms are adhered to impart an enormous range of FFPE tissue right from hard-to-obtain tissue sources following various other formats for example panels, particular slides and so on.

Medical science is dedicated to serving the best to patients and therefore advanced research is performed so that the best results could be churned out. Needless to say that paraffin block helps to conduct a variety of research so that best treatment could be catered to the patients.