Lasik Surgery Effective Methods Use by The Surgeons?

Lasik Surgery

Lasik eye surgery is the most common and popular one now for the solution of any eye surgeries. It has been the most opted choice of most of the people around the world. The surgeons also prefer this method as it is one of the ways which is giving the highest successful rate of the surgery. Mostly in the North America, a huge number of population is not going for any other alternative than this one. Thus in the medical science, it has proved to be the most helpful one to get the right vision back by any surgeries.

To have an idea about Lasik surgeries, we will be discussing some important aspects of the surgical method. The laser eye surgery is a common one for the treatment of the hyper myopia, myopia, astigmatism. Now there are few steps which will explain the methods which are quite effective in performing the laser eye surgeries.

Steps of The Lasik Surgery

The first and foremost technique is to apply the anesthetic eye drop which makes the local area senseless. Thus it will prevent the patient from feeling any pain during the surgery. After this, the surgeon will access the inner cornea and its tissue. And to access this part, the surgeon will be creating a protective covering. During this part, the patient will be feeling just a blurred vision for few minutes, and the flashing lights of the laser are seen. Lasik surgery video can show you the exact details how this procedure looks.

Next, the inner part of the cornea receives the computer generated cool laser lights. The light will be reshaping and will be making the necessary changes in the cornea. And this is the last part of the surgery. And in this part, an eye tracking device will be tracking the eyeball, and this will ensure a precise correction that your need to have.

Now the final touch is being given. After reshaping this, the surgeon will be giving the original position of the corneal flap. A protective spectacle is being placed over the eye. Rubbing is being prevented, and thus the flapping will occur naturally within 2 to 3 hours. Thus overall it is approx. 5 to 6 hours matter where the operation may be of 1just 1 hour. The rest hours you need to take rest and get the natural treatment done by its way of creating the flaps and getting to the original position.

Patients Will Not Feel Any Discomfort

Now from the side of the patients, the patient will not be able to feel any extreme pain or discomfort. Only a slight glitches or discomfort can be felt. It is always a good motive to take as much as rest as possible after the surgery as this will give the right amount of comfort to the eye. The irritation of the eye will be vanishing after you take a nap and thus it does not matter at all. And for all these reasons, these surgery is becoming popular all over the world with a high rate of success.