Tips for a healthy pregnancy


Pregnancy is a dream time of our life. All of us expect the miracle to make a way into our life at some point or the other. But there are some protocols that we need to follow for a healthy pregnancy.

Opt for prenatal vitamin

The moment you are trying to conceive opt for a prenatal vitamin. It would be a smart move at your end. The neural cord tends to be developing in the first month of pregnancy. It does become important that you have supply of essential nutrients like folic acid, calcium or other nutrients from the start. You should not confuse it with pain medication pregnancy as this works for the development of your baby.

You can avail prenatal vitamins at most of the stores or you can order online as well. Go through the reviews and popularity of each brand before you plan to avail them. If you find it hard to consume them then try it with a light snack or at night. If you chew gum or a light candy would also suffice.


During pregnancy it is really important to be active. This is important for your general health as it helps to reduce stress, controls your weight, you sleep better and no mood swings are witnessed. You can walk for 15 to 25 minutes a day or opt for a pregnancy exercise class. It should be done interiors or in a cool space so as to avoid overheating.

Apart from walking swimming is a great way to keep in shape for a pregnant woman. Just check with your doctor before you resort to any exercise regime. If pain medicine while pregnant can be provided it will help to reduce the pain. Ideally you need to aim for 30 minutes of exercise on a daily basis. You should listen to your body and no overdo things.

Practice of kegels

With kegel exercises you go on to strengthen the pelvic muscles that supports the uterus, bladder and the bowels. Doing this simple exercise can make the delivery very easy and prevent any form of inconsistency in the future. The best part about this exercise is that no one can tell you if you are doing them as you can perform then in your car or while standing in a line at a grocery store.

Change chores

The routine tasks like cleaning up the bathroom floors or giving a bath to your pet becomes risky when you are pregnant. Lifting of heavy objects, any form of exposure to toxic chemicals or when you come in contact with the mother and the baby does pose risks.

You should wear a pair of gloves to be free from any infections.

Be aware of your weight

A lot of time pregnancy replicates a situation where you are eating for two. If you pump in more weight it may make it hard to loose in the days to come. The ideal weight gain should be based on the BMI.