What to look for when buying your first vaporizer starter kit


Vaporizers have quickly become incredibly popular, but it’s not hard to imagine how people get lost amongst all the different models, features, and accessories. This is why many people looking to switch from cigarettes to vaporizers choose to begin by purchasing a starter kit. This is the easiest way to get familiar with different vaping styles before exploring the vast range of options available. 

Your average starter kit comes complete with a vaporizer device, a tank, a coil, a sample of e-liquid, and essential replacement parts. With all the tools you need to use a vaporizer in Australia, purchasing a starter kit is likely the best decision if you’re worried about your lack of experience. Here, we explore some important considerations when buying your first vaporizer starter kit.

Is Vaping Right For You? 

Although you might be ready to dive into the world of vaporizers in Australia, it’s probably a good idea to quickly assess whether it’s the right choice for you. As most people are aware, vaping has become a common alternative to smoking cigarettes as you can avoid harmful tobacco and slowly reduce your nicotine intake. If you’re looking to quit cigarette smoking like countless other people, vaping has proven to be a great option. 

However, you don’t need to be a cigarette smoker to try vaping. Many people simply find it enjoyable to use nicotine-free e-liquids designed to taste like their favorite flavors. Alongside this sense of enjoyment, the cost of buying cigarettes is another reason why people use vaporizers in Australia. If you’re someone who smokes two packs a day, vaping could save you over a staggering $1,200 per month.

Find the Perfect Vaporizers 

If you’re committed to buying a vaporizer, there are a few key considerations to make before you complete your purchase. With vapes available for every kind of person, you should think carefully about your needs to ensure you get the most amount of satisfaction from your new device. While there are plenty of highly technical options on the market, beginners should probably keep things simple before looking to upgrade when they understand their vaping preferences.

Consider Your Lifestyle 

Make sure you pick a starter kit that reflects your lifestyle to ensure your vaping experience is as enjoyable as possible. If you prefer to keep things subtle, it’s a good idea to go for a small, discreet device that won’t create a huge plume of vapor. Meanwhile, people who spend their days on-the-move might need to purchase an extra sturdy vape that withstands drops and bumps.

Think About Battery 

Every vape has a limited battery capacity. Naturally, smaller devices have limited battery life versus larger options, although this might suit your lifestyle if you only puff on it a few times a day. Don’t forget to consider battery life when researching which vape to buy. 

Choose the Right Tank

Like battery capacity, the size of the vape tank inside your device could seriously alter its usefulness. In fact, vape tanks range from between 2.0ml and 6.5ml, so the difference can be pretty dramatic. When choosing your starter kit, consider your vape juice needs to ensure you have enough to get through the day.