Why Vitamin K is important for Your Newborn Baby?


Are you pregnant or the mother of a newborn baby? Then, you should have to know how vitamin K plays an important role in your newborn baby. It is essential for clotting of blood and prevention of bleeding. Your baby may have not enough vitamin K during your pregnancy period or at the time of breastfeeding. So, there can be a risk for VKDB (Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding). It is also known as HDN (Haemorrhagic Disease of Newborn). In this condition, serious bleeding can cause inside the baby’s brain due to deficiency of vitamin K. It may be a fatal or mental disorder. You can provide extra vitamin K to your newborn baby as resistant for the risk of VKDB.

Importance of vitamin K for your newborn baby

Most of the newborn babies have low levels of vitamin K which is important for blood clotting and the prevention of bleeding. Usually, vitamin K is produced inside intestine with the help of useful bacteria which are present in the intestine. But, newborn babies do not have sufficient vitamin K due to the presence of a little number of useful bacteria. To prevent the risk for VKDB vitamin K vaccines are essential for your babies. When your babies grow, they can produce enough vitamin K in their bodies.

What kinds of babies are prone to develop VKDB?

Vitamin K vaccine for babies is the most efficient way to provide vitamin K to your baby. It is given to protect your newborn baby just after birth and it can act for many months. Here are some reasons why it is preferred to use the vaccine for vitamin K than the oral dose for vitamin K.

  • The protection does not last for many months when vitamin k dose is provided orally.
  • Vitamin K is not properly absorbed when it is given orally.
  • There may be the risk for missing the next dose for vitamin K orally.
  • There may be confusion whether the dose for vitamin K orally has been properly swallowed or not.

Foods which are the sources of vitamin K

Generally, you can meet the required vitamin K in your pregnancy by maintaining as a balanced diet. It also includes the other vitamins and minerals. Here are some foods which contain vitamin K and will help you to meet deficiency of vitamin K during your pregnancy.

  • Spinach
  • Yogurt
  • Milk
  • Kale
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Cheese
  • Meat
  • Collard greens

You can consult your doctor about your diet to get the perfect amount of vitamin K to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Importance of vitamin K during your pregnancy

Vitamin K is very important in your pregnancy period. You can intake vitamin K enriched food to get enough vitamin K during your pregnancy. If you intake too much vitamin K, it can cause your blood to turn too thin. Vitamin K is essential for the post labor period and childbirth. Moreover, deficiency of vitamin K can create risk factors for some health issues to you and your baby. It can cause cholestasis. Generally, it affects the pregnant woman at the time of the third trimester of the pregnancy period.