3 Foot Ailments That Your Local Chiropodist Can Help You With In The UK


Due to the busy lifestyles of the modern world, we in the United Kingdom are always on the go. If you go to work every day, you are constantly on your feet moving from one part of the office to the next. If you are a home maker the same applies as you work your way around the house or the supermarket.

All this walking takes its toll on your poor feet and after a while, you will find that your feet begin to hurt a little or a lot. It may be due to a number of reasons and so you need to make an appointment for some chiropody treatment in South Croydon and let them get your feet back to how they used to feel. Your local chiropodist can help with a number of ailments and we will look at just some of them here.

  1. Due to tight fitting shoes and being on your feet all day, you will find that your feet start developing corns and calluses. Your local podiatrist knows how to treat these and you will be back on your feet in no time.
  2. Verrucas are a popular foot complaint and if you are a keen swimmer then you are more prone to getting this foot disease than others. People are supposed to wash their feet when they enter the local swimming pool but many don’t and you end up with this complaint.
  3. Thickened or fungal toenails can be an issue, especially if you rely on foot work wear and wear the same boots every day. It is so easy to catch a fungal infection on your feet, but so difficult to get it to go away. Your chiropodist can assist with this.

If you are having issues with your feet, give your local podiatrist a call today.