What is Stanozolol


The drug is popularly sold under the brand name Winstrol and is widely used in the fitness and body building world today. Winstrol is a variant of dihydrotestosterone and is mainly used during the cutting cycle by quite a few body builders. This is so because it is very helpful in making your body hard and lean. But Winstrol or Stanozolol should be avoided during the bulking cycle as it is known to cause joint problems in many. Learn more about estanozolol efectos positives.

Generally in women even the smallest of doses could result in dramatic gains and upping the dose further does not have any benefits. But it can lead to increased chances of virilization. Further smaller doses also means women can run a winstrol only cycle and do not need to stack with another steroid either for bulking or cutting cycles it is important to run the winstrol cycle for 6 weeks to gain maximum effectiveness.

Winstrol helps people lose weight in an efficient manner. The number of workouts and diets will not burn away the stubborn fat which can only be dealt by using winstrol. It helps to convert muscle mass to fat. So literally you are replacing fat in your body with muscle which is a convenient to get rid of unwanted fat deposits and in the process gaining beneficial muscle.

A few weeks of usage can show immense change in the definition of muscle in the body but this varies from person to person as the amount of fat deposits varies. Winstrol may not help people suffering from obesity. Along with winstrol, after the initial development of muscle you can switch over to testosterone usage for bettering your results. The cutting and bulking cycles using different steroids provide you the right muscle growth, retention, definition of the gained muscle hence allowing your body to get rid of fat give you a better physicality.

Winstrol for bulking

Estanozolol efectos positivos hold attributes which are immensely advantageous to the operation of medical problems. It is used in the surgery and curing of illness like anemia, angioedema, clotting defects, kidney disease, diabetes, breast and prostate cancer. It plays a vital role in the medication of animals. The animals suffering from severe accidents and sickness are treated with this steroid. It is helpful for developing bone mass and back muscle tissues for animals.


Though Winstrol is a mild steroid, it has some adverse side effects. But it also gives you the freedom to use in any cycle but in relatively controlled doses in order to get desired results. Using Winstrol with heavy testosterone profiles will cut the SBHG level and can also increase the effectiveness of the other combined steroid.  Injecting is the best option when you need maximum protein synthesis.

Steroids do help in making sure the equation between the health and fitness. They both have to go in impingement in order to have a balance between the physical strength and mental strength. Our mind does get ideas when our body is at its best. Our confidence steps up when our personality is appealing to you.