Quitting Smoking: How Hypnotherapy Can Help


Quitting smoking is a challenge for most people, especially people who have smoked for a long time. Whilst it seems almost impossible to do, it can be done if you change your way of thinking. That is why hypnotherapy is often used to help people quit the tobacco habit.

In fact, hypnotherapy has been found to be an effective technique. Smokers report success after a two-hour session. Such success means you do not need to depend on a nicotine replacement or go through mood swings or cravings.

Living the Life of a Non-smoker

Smokers who have been treated by Devon hypnotherapists for smoking cessation come out of their sessions as non-smokers. The reason hypnotherapy works is because it addresses addiction as a mental attachment instead of a chemical need. Hypnotherapy changes your thought patterns so that smoking is no longer important.

Hypnotherapy Benefits

When you schedule a hypnotherapy session to quit smoking, your will realise the following benefits:

  • The desire to smoke will be completely removed.
  • You will feel better physically.
  • You will not spend money on cigarettes; therefore, you will save more money.
  • You will enjoy activities more.

Moreover, smoking places added stress on the body. Therefore, you will feel less anxious when you no longer smoke. We may believe that smoking reduces stress, but the opposite is true. Whilst we are engaged in the activity, we actually feel more stressed. Once a cigarette is smoked, we believe we feel calmer, but that is a mere illusion.

You can quit smoking after one hypnotherapy session. Why wait another day? Take the initiative and schedule a hypnotherapy session today.