An Overview on Laser Hair Removal


Have you ever wondered how you could totally remove hair from your skin? If you did, Laser hair removal is a procedure you should explore. This procedure has been around since 1998 and has really helped a lot of individuals who had problems with clearing unwanted hair from different parts of their bodies. In other words laser hair removal is a treatment procedure that uses light to destroy hair follicle. By destroying hair follicle, the part that produces hair, we prevent future hair growth. The laser light used is a highly concentrated beam that is designed to penetrate hair follicles and destroy it. Unfortunately, laser hair removal treatment works best on some specific type of skin. Therefore, there are various types of laser lights available for the different skin color and the kind of hair.

Types of lasers used for removal of Hair

Different types of laser lights come with different wavelength which is measured in nm (nanometers). The lights rage from the visible to the near infrared radiation lights. Below are the common designs used for removal of unwanted hair on different areas of the body?

Ruby Laser

Ruby laser light uses synthetic ruby to produce pulses of visible light. Moreover, it has a wavelength of 694.3 nm and consists of a deep red color. It is best used on a pale skin for maximum benefits.

Alexandrite laser

Alexandrite laser light produces longer wavelength than the ruby. In addition, it displays color change depending on the nature of the ambient light. Having a wavelength of 755nanometer, alexandrite can be used on all skin types.

Pulsed diode

This laser best works on dark and coarser hair that range from pale to medium skin type. Pulsed diode wavelength is up to 810nanometer. This laser is known to remove hair while protecting your skin.

Nd: YAG laser

It is expounded as neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet which is a crystal material. It is among the best in the market since it works on the different complexions.  The laser produces a highly concentrated beam of 1064nanometer of wavelength. Nd: YAG works best on the dark skin tone.

The clinician will choose the right laser treatment based on your skin requirements. From that, the color of your skin will highly dictate the kind of laser beam to use. The wavelength also is a factor to consider when choosing the treatment.

For completely removal of hair on targeted area, a number of treatment sessions have to be conducted. Since the growth of hair has different phases, the sessions are meant to damage hairs in different phases. These phases include anagen, telegen, and catagen. Most treatment ends at the seventh session. All the sessions are to be conducted by an experienced practitioner or saloons.


Hair removal technology has advanced over the years and now we have the best laser techniques. Therefore it is best to inquire from a specialist on the best laser that fit your skin type.

For the best results, the type of laser in use must be in tune with the color of hair and type of skin.