Renew Your Expired Health Card Fast For Further Use


The health insurance card is one of the best ways to secure your health. Whenever you are suffering from any ailment but you do not have sufficient money for its treatment then the EHIC is a real blessing. All the European citizens are able to free themselves from the tension of getting stuck in an emergency situation. If you have still not renewed your card it is high time that you must renew it to get the benefits.

Origin of the Card

Most of you will like to know about the time when this card came into existence. This health card was founded in the year 2006 and from that time onwards it has been helping people to secure their health when they are travelling within the European subcontinent. The European citizens have to give the minimal fee or sometimes without any fee for their treatments. However, a person has to renew their cards after five years. Otherwise, it will become invalid. The E111 card renewal process is quite simple and one can renew it by filling up a form that is available at the EHIC website.

Renewing Card for the Citizens

If you have a health card which is on the verge of becoming invalid you need to immediately log in to the EHIC official site and complete a form. You need to ensure that you have filled up all the relevant details like name, address and other personal detail because an incomplete form is not accepted. You have to include the detail of your children who are dependent on you and hence they cannot apply for the separate renewal form.

The PIN code that is given you by the authority is mandatory and in case you do not have the PIN code then you cannot apply for the renewal process online. The renewal of this card will totally depend on your insurability with the EEA countries and not on your nationality.

The validity of your cards

Most of you will be contented to have a health card with you but most of you are not aware of its validity period.  While checking the card you might come across confusion that in some cards you will find the name as E111 while some cards will show EHIC. This brings you in confusion but your confusion is surely going to clear out in the preceding paragraphs of this article. Let’s take an example; suppose you take out your cards and see that the card is entitled as E111 then it is time to check for its validity. This is because there have been slight changes made in the name of E111 to EHIC. You have started with the process of E111 renewal six months before its expiry date.

Thus, it can be discerned that the entire citizen who belongs to the EEA country has to get their health cards and if at all they have a card then they need to check for its validity period. It is quite essential to renew your health cards for safeguarding or securing your health whenever you are travelling within the European countries.