How liver is of great significance for the human body

Human liver

Well, your life depends on your liver. That is how important the liver is in a human body. Liver is a powerful organ of the human body that is responsible for around five hundred key functions of the human body. So, without proper liver functioning, it is not possible to stay alive; In short, you are as good as your liver.

So, when the multi-functioning liver gets destroyed through the long-term alcohol consumption or unhealthy food choices, your overall health suffers as the liver is responsible for the many principal processes that help us stay alive.

Liver transplants are generally undertaken when critical functions of the human body can’t take place because of a damaged liver.

The most common cause for a person to undergo a liver transplant is alcoholic liver disease.

Before an individual actually undergoes a liver transplant, it is important that the liver- transplant candidate and his family members understand the essential steps of the liver transplant process.

Major reason for doing a liver transplant surgery in India

The overriding reason for getting a liver transplant done from India would be the huge costs of a liver transplant surgery abroad. Here, with the same or lesser price, the liver transplant candidate would be able to cover liver transplant surgery, pre and post transplantation medications  and treatments, consultations with medical experts, well-researched and personalized treatment plans, airline tickets, medical visa arrangements, hotel bookings for both patient and attendants, food,  daily commute,  and other miscellaneous  charges.

How medical health facilitators in India make it easy for global medical travelers

With online health facilitators in India, you can view high ranking doctors,  photographs of different liver transplant hospitals in India  where these surgeries will be performed, inspect and compare their facilities and the neighborhoods in which they are situated along with the costs of treatment.

Additionally, they offer free concierge services to overseas patients like how to get an Indian medical visa, selecting the right airlines and fares, choosing the most appropriate doctors and hospitals for their ailments, assisting them with critical medical exams and tests, connecting with organ donors, organ donor banks, blood banks, finding the best discounted accommodation for the overseas patient and their attendants, catering to their food and dietary practices, helping them with language and daily transport issues, etc. All these services are available overseas but they come attached with a fabulous price tag.

Medical travel facilitators get down to work as soon as they receive an enquiry from an overseas patient. They encourage overseas patients to share their medical reports online with doctors and hospitals in India, so that they can come up with the best researched and personalized treatment plan for them within their budget.

Medical health facilitators also help overseas patients talk to Indian medical experts with issues like average life expectancy after a liver transplant, chances of surviving a medical transplant, liver transplant recovery, etc.

In short, online health facilitators in India do everything to keep their international guests safe and sound during their stay in India.