How do you clean baby teethers?


Babies love to put things in their mouths, as they are unknown about the harmful effects of germs and bacteria present in such things. Most of the parents provide them teethers for munching as they will help for tender gums strength. But they would understand the fact all such teething toys require the proper wash and sanitation for the safety of their babies. Here will see how to clean the baby teethers in detail.


Most parents use dishwashers to clean the baby teething toys but they should ensure that they are properly cleaning them to avoid the leftover soap residue on the teethers. When they clean the teethers using dishwashers, due to careless and fast cleaning there will be some leftover undesirable soap residue that the baby could consume and ingest. Thus, it is better to clean the teething toys by hand in the dishwasher, as this will not leave behind any soap residue in teethers.

Washing Machine:

Teethers are manufactured using different materials and thus, there is no guarantee about the safe wash of teethers using the washing machine. The washing machine is not always the best option to clean your teething toys, as some teethers are safe for machine wash. Even in the washing machine, there is a chance to leave an undesirable residue on the toys. Mostly, it is better to wash manually after doing a machine wash.

White Vinegar and Water Mixture:

When you mix the white vinegar with water, it will cause a strange smell but such mixture serves the best option to clean the teething toys. To prepare this mixture, take some amount of white vinegar and the same amount of water and mix them properly. This creates a natural cleansing product. Now, clean your baby teething toys in that mixture and they wash using plain water. This cleaning method ensures that there is no toxic residue left behind teethers. You can even sanitize teethers by wiping the toys using a cloth containing the mixture and then dry off.

Baking-soda and water:

Baking soda and water mixture is another great option similar to the above method. Take some amount of water and add 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda into it and mix them thoroughly. You can use the cloth and soak it in the mixture and wipe down the teethers. Then rinse in water and dry the toy before giving it to your baby. This serves the best as a powerful cleansing agent.

Boiling in hot water:

Some teethers which will tolerate the heat can be cleaned using boiling water. One of the traditional ways to clean the toys that is safe for babies is by boiling the teethers in hot water.

Thus, clean the baby teethers using the above convenient methods to ensure proper cleaning of toys.