5 Tips For Preventing Injuries While Running


If you have ever tried running before, then you know how much of a toll running can take on your knees, shins, and feet. All it takes is one twist of the ankle to disrupt your training for potentially months.

In order to get the best possible benefits out of running, and avoid getting injured, take a look at these tips. 

Wear Correct Footwear

Don’t even think about going for a run in footwear that doesn’t properly support your feet and ankle. They should fit properly and protect your foot along the arch and heel, with only a small amount of wiggle room around your toes. 

When you go shopping for running shoes, it’s important to try on the shoes with the same socks that you plan running in. Wearing socks that are too thin or thick won’t give you an accurate idea of whether they fit or not. It’s also important to know when it’s time to turn in your old pair for a new one. Running in worn-out shoes that have holes or worn out heels need to be repaired at least once a year if you’re a regular runner. 

Avoid Uneven Terrain

One of the best ways to avoid injury is to run on an even terrain that’s free of hazards, which could lead to tripping or falling.

Even though a cross country run off the beaten path can be lovely, you risk tripping over a tree stump or lose root. Ideally, you should run on a flat surface like a trail, track, or even a treadmill. 

Work On Your Flexibility

The more flexible that you are, the less susceptible that you are to injuries. When you have a greater range of motion, the more limber your body is during a workout.

Flexibility can be attained by stretching regularly or practicing yoga.

Stay Aware Of Pain

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is a runner is failing to listen to your body. If you feel any sort of pain, it’s your body’s way of telling you to stop what you’re doing immediately. 

Gradually Increase Intensity

A lot of new runners are so excited to reap the benefits of running that they aim for maximum intensity right away. However, it’s important to gradually increase your intensity rather than go too quickly.

Your body may not be ready for the intensity, and as a result, you get injured. Take it slow in the beginning; otherwise, all of your hard work will be put on the back burner.

You can decrease your odds of getting hurt by following these tips. Regardless of whether you’re just beginning as a runner, or you’ve been at it for years. Following these tips will significantly minimize the possibility of injuries.