8 Great Tips To Follow For A Smooth Plastic Surgery And Its Fantastic Results


Whether you have decided to have eyelid surgery, tummy tuck, breast augmentation or rhinoplasty, the most important part is the recovery, obviously because it is in this period that the results of your plastic surgery will take shape.

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Interestingly if you take care before your surgery and make proper preparations, you can get the desired results during the recovery period. Here are tips with which you can improve the recovery time after your plastic surgery.

1. Plan the Surgery When You are in Your Best Health

Plan your plastic surgery when you are in your best health because then your immune system can get the best opportunity to bring about a speedy recovery.

2. Take Adequate Essential Nutrients

Before and after your surgery you should take a diet with high proportions of vitamins A and C, copper, selenium and zinc. All these play an important role in healing wounds and building a strong immunity thereby lessening the risk of infection.

Getting adequate nutrients is particularly important for recovery after more complicated surgeries such as facelift, liposuction or eyelid surgeries. Click here for more info on lower eyelid surgery and other cosmetic surgeries.

3. Increase Intake of Proteins

The most important healing nutrients are proteins and calories. Proteins are building blocks of our body and so help in building new tissues and blood vessels, establish production of cells that heal the wound and repair injured tissues.

Take care to choose protein sources that are high-quality such as poultry, fish, legumes and beans, and lean meat.

4. Meal Taken before Surgery Affects Healing

Normally our body requires proteins around 0.8gm per kg of body weight. For example, a woman weighing 140 pounds (63.6kg) will need around 50gm of protein per day. However, following a surgery, this proportion needs to be increased by 1 ½ times i.e. to around 95gm in this example.

If you are unable to consume this amount of protein, consider taking a good quality protein powder by adding it to smoothies, juices, yogurt or shakes. One scoop will provide you 20gm of protein and only 80 calories.

Another good alternative is to snack on non-fat Greek Yogurt such as Chobani. One serving of it offers 18gm of protein.

5. Stop Certain Supplements

Just as you have to start some supplements, you should stop taking certain other supplements after getting a surgery done from a plastic surgeon in Bondi like Dr. Naveen Somia, for example.

This is because they can cause adverse effects during or after surgery like cardiovascular problems, prolonged bleeding, interactions with medications and interference with anaesthesia.

The supplements you should stop include fish oil caps, gingko biloba, dong quai, ginseng, ephedra, vitamin E, kava kava, Echinacea, garlic, St. John’s Wort and ginger. You should stop all these two weeks before and after surgery.

6. Keep Yourself Well-Hydrated

To keep your body clean and hydrated, it’s necessary to drink minimum 6 to 8 glasses of high-quality water every day and particularly on the day before surgery. Since fluid intake is decreased on the day of surgery, water should be taken in before surgery.

You are not supposed to drink anything after midnight the night before the surgery to avoid complications, unless advised otherwise by your surgeon.

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7. Take a Natural Stool Softener

Constipation is a common complaint of many patients after surgery and it causes a lot of discomfort. This is because of anaesthetic agents, narcotics and dehydration during surgery contributing to digestive issues.

You can stay away from this problem by eating a few prunes every day just before and after your surgery.

8. Probiotic with Antibiotics

Your surgeon will prescribe antibiotics after your surgery to keep infections away. Though they are for your benefit, they cause many digestive problems. In that case, taking probiotics is the best way to keep your GI tract in top condition.

Follow these tips and undergo a smooth plastic surgery and enjoy its fantastic results.