An Essential Guide to Making a Personal Injury Claim


Accidents can and do happen, and try as we might to avoid injury, unfortunate incidents occur around the world on a daily basis. A person might be walking along the footpath, minding their own business, when suddenly a raised paving slab causes them to fall and sustain injuries. You could be the passenger in a vehicle that is involved in a traffic accident, or even slip on a freshly mopped floor, in fact, we are constantly in a potentially dangerous environment, and if the worst happens and you suffer a personal injury, often, you can claim for compensation.

The First Step

If you suffered an injury and you feel that another person’s negligence was responsible, then you are entitled to make a compensation claim. The courts would eventually decide whether or not, the third party was negligent, and often, the third party is deemed to be partially negligent, and the compensation award would reflect this. The first thing to do is source an experienced personal injury lawyer, and whether you need a head injury lawyer in Kent, or any part of the UK, an online search will put you in touch with the right people. The online personal injury lawyers can quickly tell you if your claim has any substance, and after a review of all the information, if the lawyer feels you have a case, he or she would represent you on a “no win-no fee” basis.

Collecting the Evidence

If your legal advisor recommends making the claim, you will need to build a solid case. Images of the accident site would be ideal, and if there were any witnesses to the accident, your lawyer would contact them and have them make a written statement. One of the first things an injured person should do it contact any third party that might be responsible, it could be the owner of a building, or perhaps the driver of a car, and once you have informed them of the incident, the process can begin.

No Win No Fee

In times gone by, a person would be very reluctant to pursue a compensation claim in a court of law, as they might end up losing the case and having to pay both sides’ legal bills, yet the no win – no fee system takes that worry away. Of course, the lawyer would review the evidence very carefully, and if there was sufficient evidence to prove negligence, he or she would take on the case. In the event the evidence was insufficient, the claims lawyer would advise against taking legal action.

Out of Court Settlements

There are cases where the negligence is not disputed by the third party, and in that case, your lawyer would have a meeting with the third party’s legal representative and an agreement would hopefully be the result. This saves a lot of money and also the valuable time of the courts and judges, who should only be assessing cases that are in dispute.

It is crucial to make contact with a legal expert as soon as possible, and with their guidance, you can make an informed decision about whether to proceed.