Cure And Treatment That Alleviates Chronically Low Levels Of Testosterone

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Testosterone is an important hormone, which is produced by the testicles and is highly responsible for male sexual characteristics. Apart from male sexual desires and arousal, it is also very important for keeping intact for functioning of muscle bulk, proper levels of Red Blood Cells, bone growth, good sense of well-being apart from normal sexual functions in males.

Erectile dysfunction is not one of the common causes for imbalance of testosterone production, but if it occurs due to decreased production of testosterone, replacement therapy is generally suggested.

What are the reasons for low production levels of testosterone?

  • Any injury, infection or may be loss caused to the testicles
  • Cancer treatment or chemotherapy
  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Extra X-chromosomes syndrome
  • Excessive iron in the body (Hemochromatosis)
  • Stop functioning of an important gland like Pituitary gland, a gland in the brain that produces many important hormones
  • Inflammatory diseases such as sarcoidosis, a condition responsible for causing inflammation of the lungs
  • Chronic illness symptoms
  • Some type of medications which are taken especially in treatment of some types of cancers such as prostate cancer
  • Corticosteroid drugs
  • Kidney failure
  • Cirrhosis (liver related)
  • Stress
  • Questions about the combination with Alcohol
  • Obesity

Several measures are undertaken throughout the day along with several equipments to find out of deficiency of testosterone levels that keep on fluctuating on daily basis. The medical professionals detect the condition of improper testosterone levels through the best possible and only accurate condition by detecting testosterone levels in human blood. The testing of testosterone levels in human body is preferred to be started from early in the morning, because at the time its levels and counts are highest.

Various cure and treatment of Testosterone deficiency are possible through injections, gel, adhesive materials, tablets, sticks etc. The description of what alleviates chronically low levels of testosterone (along with their application procedures) are as intramuscular injections, which are supposed are given anytime keeping time lag between two to ten weeks, through testosterone gel which can be applied to skin or in nose, muco adhesive materials which are meant for their application above teeth at least twice a day, subcutaneous tablets/pellet, which is long acting, testosterone sticks (which has application like a deodorant).

The above options work as alternatives and are able to provide sufficient levels of hormone replacement with attached advantages and also disadvantages. Therefore, medical advice is essential before their in-take and suitability of right approach.

Avoidable circumstances

Testosterone replacement therapy is avoidable by any people suffering from prostate cancer, women suffering from breast cancer, people having severe conditions of sleep apnea, if remains untreated, men having urinary tract situations, people with heart failure conditions which is not supposed to be controlled. All men desirous of replacement theory must undergo thorough screening for prostate cancer, rectal examination and PSA test before their plans for testosterone replacement therapy.