A sperm bank also known as Cryobank is a place that collects human sperms from potential donors and it is stored for later use for women to achieve pregnancy by a process known as artificial insemination. The sperms given by donors are referred as donor sperms.

Sperm banks have the control in relation to the course and duration of pregnancy since they continuously screen the donors and provide infertile women to reproduce and have babies. Women who want to have babies can choose an anonymous donor or known one who can be in contact later with the children. Women can also choose a surrogate to bear baby with donor sperm. The donor has no right to have a decision to choose the recipient of his donation. The only point that you need to be aware is that not everyone can donate their sperm and they should not have an history of sexually transmitted diseases. It is an emotional decision which may have an important bearing on the future course of your life.

Sperm bank also provides to determine sex of child which has greater control over family planning. Men who are donating sperms through these banks have security to know that they are not legally responsible as biological fathers. Sperm banks are controlled under local legislation laws but the donor can donate outside local judiciary.

A donor who is potential is generally healthy male and is willing to undergo continuous screening, he is having no genetic abnormalities or sexually transmitted diseases or chromosomal defects. A sperm bank always checks on quantity and quality of motile sperms. Samples are sold in relation to motile sperms per ml.

 Sperm banks usually wash sample to isolate motile sperms from rest of the semen. To keep sperm in frozen state, cryoprotectant semen extender is added. One sample is almost 1-20 vials or straws of 0.4 to 1 ml of sperms stored in metal canister storage tanks containing nitrogen vapour at the temperature of -196 degree Celsius/ -320 degree Fahrenheit depending on washed and unwashed samples.

Navi Mumbai region of India has many cryobanks which offer sperm donation where lot of potential sperms donors is registered.Sperm banks in Navi Mumbai has to follow the rules as per the guidelines of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). The key guidelines are as below: –

  • The age of the donor should lie in between 21-45 years with normal semen.
  • The semen of potential donor should be free of any abnormalities and defects.
  • Sperm once collected has to be quarantined for 6 months due to repetitive screening of donor to ensure it is free of any kind of infection.
  • Donor identity not to be revealed to infertile couple or single mothers.

There is lot of donors across Mumbai and in India who actively donate sperm. Some do it for money and some do it for good deed. Sperm donation is followed on a high scale in Navi Mumbai. Sperm banks, Navi Mumbai follows the rules and regulations as imposed by ICMR and maintains anonymity of the donor which in turns keeps him carefree while donating sperm. They also understand the sensitivity of the parents and ensure great service throughout this process and provide a great medium for infertile couples to have babies and fulfil their hopes for longing of children.