Is Physiotherapy A Right Cure For Osteoarthritis


Before making a statement on the ability of physiotherapy towards curing osteoarthritis, first, one has to know what physiotherapy means.

Physiotherapy is an essential part of treatment for most people suffering from osteoarthritis. This treatment is conducted by physiotherapists who are included in the team of healthcare experts. They actually help people to keep up a happy and independent life both at work and home. They are experts in studying your movements and how to take care of your joints. Your physiotherapist will:

  • Assist you to feel confident about managing your situation.
  • Set a specific set of goals to keep you active throughout the year.
  • Offer reassurance and advice
  • Answers your queries and concerns

Specialists in this field are trained to treat your muscle and joint issues. The expert will basically ask you questions about your issues in your joint and will ask you to execute certain exercises in a routine programme. Special treatments such as ice pack, massage, TENS machine, acupuncture, and taping are performed on his/her command basis only. Hence you can understand that physiotherapy is a “cure from the scratch” kind of thing and this makes it the right cure for osteoarthritis.

How can physiotherapy assist you?

  • Get to know how osteoarthritis affects you – A physiotherapy specialist informs you what happens to your joints when you suffer from osteoarthritis and what led to it.
  • Get along with your pain – Osteoarthritis can cause severe pain in a single part of the body or in many parts. The expert will tell you ways apart from medications which you can work out in between sessions.
  • Plan your activities – Excessive execution of work can enhance pain and so does sitting idly. Your physiotherapist will tell you to what extent you need to work.
  • Execute routine exercises – Talking about exercises done by patients, gradual exercise can help you strengthen your muscles and joints. Regular exercise will also enhance the production of natural hormones which relieves pain. Other treatments which your physiotherapist can offer you –
  • Acupuncture can signal the brain to produce endorphins.
  • Massage can help you feel relaxed and help you do free movements.

What does a physiotherapy session look like?

The aim of physiotherapy session is to teach you how to make a routine exercise or manage your daily work. It also includes how to take care of yourself; by doing cold/hot compresses by yourself etc. The visits are often focused and short, which requires you to keep the issues you are facing in your mind so that you can report to your therapist on that day.

Sometimes, these sessions have a long gap between. During that period, if you notice some unusual difficulty such as a flare in your knee, which is preventing you to do the daily exercise, then you can go back to your therapist and look for solutions.

Now that it is clear to you that physiotherapy is the best way to cure osteoarthritis, consult your home physician and get recommended to the best physiotherapist around you. If you are lacking a doctor, then you can check online for more info and select the one best suited for you according to your need.