Considerations before Seeing a Chiropractor


In an effort to avoid surgeries and medications, many people are turning to alternative procedures like chiropractic care to treat and prevent certain conditions and issues. Chiropractic care may be helpful for some, but is not a cure-all that should be considered for every issue. Before seeking chiropractic care, take the following factors into consideration.

You May Feel Worse After an Adjustment

Many people feel better after a chiropractic adjustment, but this isn’t always the case. Manipulating the vertebrae into a different position isn’t always a good thing and can be uncomfortable. In some cases, even if an adjustment does help to correct misalignments, the repositioning of the bones can cause pain.

There Are Risks Associated with Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are often touted as safe, but there are some risks. Arterial dissection can occur after a neck manipulation and can lead to a stroke. Herniated disks may be worsened by chiropractic adjustments and nerves in the spine and neck may be compressed, which can lead to a wide array of issues.

It’s Best to Get a Diagnosis Elsewhere First

Even if you do decide that you would like to see a chiropractor at some point, it is best to get a diagnosis at your primary care physician’s office or at a specialist’s office. Chiropractors don’t receive the same amount of training as doctors and do not have the specialized equipment and knowledge that specialists do. These professionals may be able to recommend better rounded treatment plans than chiropractors.

Chiropractic Care Can Vary Greatly

Chiropractors are not all the same, so the treatment and advice that you receive may vary widely between offices. Some chiropractors may adhere strictly to proven medical research, but others will speak about “vertebral subluxation” and the many ailments that this unproven condition causes. Still others will integrate chiropractic care with crystal healing and other types of alternative medicine.

Many Issues Heal without Treatment

Issues with the spine and neck that stem from discomfort or minor injuries often heal without treatment. This is something to remember when reading reviews done by patients that are satisfied with chiropractic care and recommend the treatment. Patients may attribute greater comfort levels to chiropractic care, but issues may have simply resolved in some cases.

Chiropractors employ different views and methods, so it is important to make sure you understand the goals of the chiropractor before visiting. Be sure that you understand the potential risks associated with spinal and neck manipulations, as well. Do your research and confirm that this is truly the right treatment method for you before receiving chiropractic care.