10 Things You Should Know About Having Your Gallbladder Removed


You probably don’t think much about your gallbladder as it isn’t a major organ, like your stomach, heart, or lungs. However, your gallbladder does release fat-digesting bile into your small intestine, to help with fat digestion. Sometimes, your gallbladder may stop working correctly, and this is when problems may occur. The bile ducts that help to release the bile into the small intestine can cause severe pain, especially when digesting fatty foods. If you suffer from gallstones, your doctor may recommend that you have your gallbladder removed to eliminate the painful problem. Here are 10 things you should know about having your gallbladder removed.

You Don’t Have to Worry

Gallbladder surgeries are very simple and very safe. It’s one of the most routine and general surgeries out there. So if you’re worried about your procedure, you should know that there’s a less than 5% chance you’ll have complications, the worst of which would be minor bleeding.

Not A Lot of Prep

Gallbladder surgeries are elective surgeries, most of the time. In fact, over 90% are scheduled ahead of time. To give you a better idea of how rare it is, only 10% of gallbladder surgeries are emergency surgeries. The only prep you need to do is go on a low-fat diet, sometime before the surgery to better prepare for it.

Minor Incision

You won’t need to worry about any large scars either. Having your gallbladder removed is simple and is achieved through laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopic surgery involves only three tiny incisions to remove your gallbladder. So, you’ll be able to take showers and get back to normal fairly quickly.

Your Belly Button May Be Affected

The gallbladder is removed via your belly button, so you may have some bruising and swelling in that area for a while. It may not look the same for a while, but it should return to normal within a few weeks, or months.

You’ll Need Some Time to Get Back into Your Skinny Jeans

You’ll be pumped full with fluids and air when the surgery is performed. Doctors will inflate your abdomen in order to perform the surgery. So, it will take a little while for you to go back down to your regular size. With that in mind, bring comfortable, stretchy pants to the hospital with you to go home in.

You’ll Be In-And-Out of The Hospital

Gallbladder surgeries normally take less than two hours, so you can usually expect to go home that day, if not the next. Your hospital stay will be short and sweet. If you’re looking to have your gallbladder removed, due to gallstones or other issues,you should talk to a gallbladder specialist in Singapore.

 You Won’t Miss Your Gallbladder

You won’t be able to tell you don’t have a gallbladder. You won’t miss it, and you won’t feel any different after your recovery, beyond feeling back to normal and no longer suffering from gallbladder-related pain. You can function perfectly fine without it.