How to Properly Apply Firming Eye Creams


Due to aging, the body produces less collagen so skin isn’t elastic as it was and it begins to sag. Skin can sag almost anywhere, including around the eyes. While there are many firming eye creams on the market that promise to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, they need to be used correctly so that they work as promised.

How to Apply Eye Creams

Many women become disappointed with the beauty products they buy because they don’t get the results they’re wanting. Sometimes it is a matter of patience because they expect a product to work quickly and when it doesn’t, they stop using it. However, most of the time, it is because they are using too much of the cream or not applying it to the right areas.

When using eye creams to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to tighten sagging skin, it needs to be applied correctly so that it works as advertised. Many eye creams work well to help aging skin look brighter and more youthful when they are correctly applied. Even though your eyelids may sag, when applying eye cream, it should never be put on the upper eyelid or right below the lower lashes because it can irritate the eyes.

Use Ring Finger

Only a small amount of cream needs to be applied to be effective in helping to tighten skin, brighten it, and reduce fine lines. The best way to apply it is to use the ring finger of your hand because it has the fewest muscles of all your fingers and the cream should be applied lightly. The amount of a small coin on your finger should be enough for both eyes and you want to dot it on instead of rubbing it in immediately.

Place four or five small dots of eye cream around the eyes, starting at the corner where fine lines usually appear. Then, with a light touch, place a dot downwards along the orbital bone, otherwise known as the eye socket. The dots should be about 6.5 mm apart and once they’ve been placed along one eye, place them along the other too before you lightly pat the cream into your skin.

The cream will automatically spread due to your body heat, so be careful about placing it too close to your eyes. Avoid getting it on your eyelashes since it can easily irritate your eyes if it makes contact with them. You can research the ingredients of firming creams on the Internet to find the best one to suit your needs and then buy eye cream online so that you don’t have to spend hours shopping at different stores for the brand you want.

The best time to apply firming eye cream is in the morning when getting ready for your day. If used at night, it can seep into the tear ducts and irritate your eyes, leaving them puffy in the morning. Instead, apply your eye cream about 15 minutes before putting on your makeup to get the best results.