When do you need to see a dentist?


For your dental treatment, acquire knowledge about the best dentists in your area. You can ask your neighbors as they live in the same area, and your family and friends for their recommendations.

You can also ask your family doctor or the local pharmacists for the information. A good dental surgeon is easily identifiable because of his good and successful dental practice as word of mouth spreads quickly.

You can also search on internet and get information on a website because qualified and licensed dentists are listed there.

These are the symptoms when you need to see a dental specialist:

  • When you feel hot and cold on your sensitive teeth.
  • Your gums bleed when brushed.
  • Your gums are swollen.
  • You have tooth decay and need fillings or root canal treatment.
  • Your teeth are irregular and you do not like their appearance when you smile.
  • You have pain in your mouth and it is difficult to chew and swallow food.
  • If you have medical conditions like heart disease, HIV positive, pregnancy or family history of gum and tooth problems.
  • If you feel bad breath and bad taste in your mouth.
  • If you smoke.
  • You have mouth ulcer which persists after many days.
  • If you are having medical treatment like chemotherapy, radiation or hormone replacement therapy.
  • You face difficulty while opening, closing and chewing.

All the above problems force you to visit dentists in your area. If you are already in contact with the dentist, you can call him/her to ask for first aid to get temporary relief from pain and discomfort. Your dentist can prescribe you pain killers or gargling with warm salty water or use the hot and cold packs on the affected area of the mouth.

When you visit a dentist for the first time, you should discuss your problem with him in detail. Tell him about your medical history and medications you are already taking, inform him if you are allergic to any medicine and also if you are HIV positive, which is very important for your own health.

Ask your dentist about the procedure of treatment and preventions to improve your dental health. Discuss in detail all the questions that come to your mind and note them to remember afterwards. If you have any fear, do not hesitate to discuss it with the dentist. It will relax you during the dental treatment. Your satisfaction is important for the doctor.

Always get full information about the fees and payment before the treatment starts. No one likes unhappy surprises. Make an appointment in advance and in case of cancellation, always inform your doctor. Taking care of these things will develop a good relationship between you and your dentist.