Factors of BJJ Performance


Every sport has factors from which you can determine what you will need to become better at it. For example, if you train baseball you will need more than 70% accuracy and the strength is just 10%. You need to know the background of the martial arts you are training in order to understand how to become good at it.

Everyone can analyze what a professional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter is looking for in his matches. If someone plans to use just strength you will notice that his chance in BJJ tournaments is the lowest because strength doesn’t matter much. Watch professionals like Mikey Musumeci ¬†and you will see what you need to work on. There are four factors that represent BJJ including technique, strength or power, endurance, and psychological factors.


Every experienced fighter will tell you that with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu you can defeat a bigger and stronger opponent and that is because the technique is much more important. You can consider it as leveraging your most powerful muscles against opponents weakest in a certain situation. You can simply test how important is it by just having in the ring a powerlifter and a black belt BJJ.

You may learn every technique in the book, but the real masters of martial arts know how to combine them perfectly so the opponent gets surprised. One thing is to know them and the next level is to combine them. That is how high ranked belts are making their strategy. Also, you should know when to use them.

Power and strength

Power and strength mean that the grappler can generate force explosively and quickly. Even when the strength is about 20% what you need for BJJ when you make a mistake you will need to rely on it. It also works the other way around if an opponent makes a mistake you should use strength to finish it.

It won’t have any use if your technique is bad, but it can advance it if you have both. If you have a match versus someone with less experience you can expect that they will rely more on strength. Everything depends on the strategy you use. Relying on strength means you shouldn’t wait for the opponent to make a move, instead you should force the contact.


For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu endurance is much more different than for many sports. It doesn’t mean you can run for 10 miles and just manage to do so. Endurance in BJJ is how well you can recover after a round or from a technique that took a lot of energy.

Also, during the match, you have to remember everything that was going on during the match. So, while having the endurance to get through it you need to turn your brain on.You may know many techniques, but how many you can try to use in the match. Endures means just that, your ability to imply what you learned during the whole match.

Psychological Factors

Mentally strong people have an advantage over others when it comes to martial arts. With BJJ you need to be open-mindedly calm yet persistently aggressive. You don’t have to be aggressive only if the opponent forfeits and you have to be calm because you will think more clearly and makes moves more accurately.

The best thing is to be aggressive when you are executing strong techniques and be calm when the opponent has an advantage. You will never know what to expect from a very calm person. There are many professional fighters that use their calmness to confuse their opponents. In that way, you will use less energy which will give you a great advantage over time.