How contraction timers are helpful for expecting mothers


During pregnancy, the female body goes through a lot of changes and one of them is contractions. Contractions involve the movement of the muscular walls of the uterus and the cervix which is essential for indicating the health of the baby and could be painful. It is a regular occurrence during third trimester but may start during the second trimester itself. When contractions occur, it is an important job to track the duration and frequency of the contractions.

Tracking your contractions is crucial in understanding what your contractions mean. And because, they mainly happen during the final trimester, tracking them confirms whether you are in labour or not. The contractions are a major guide for your own health and your baby’s health. A contraction timer comes into use because of this as it works well to figure out whether they are regular or irregular, the duration of a single contraction, and if resting or drinking water makes it go away. Contractions are those movements that cause a change in the cervix. It is impossible and rather unadvisable to check your own cervix and should use the contraction timer to track the cervical change. A contraction timer pregnancy makes the process much easier and hassle-free.

Contraction timers are equipment or techniques used to time and count contractions. There are different versions of contraction timers. An outdated method was manually tracking the contractions. Contractions are described as waves of pressure. You could use an extra person to help you out while manually tracking it. When a contraction sets in, you could start by squeezing your companion’s hand and have them time it accordingly. Similarly, you could reduce the pressure when your contraction goes away which will indicate the end of the contraction to the person. This method could be a little inefficient and stressful. Some just use the regular spot watch and count it physically. While it can be done that way, the process could become a little time-consuming and therefore, could make you lose count.

One of the tools in our list is a contraction timer online that could be used to record the contractions in a much easier way. This application also contains a stopwatch mechanism which could be used by clicking or tapping on the designated screen space whenever during the contraction. A contraction is accurately timed with the help of three data points: the start of a contraction, the end of that contraction and the start of another contraction. It helps you calculate the duration of the contraction, time period between two contractions, and the frequency of the contractions over a period of time. This way, you can track, time and count them. This software is extremely helpful when you are very close to your due date.

Going into labour is one of the most hectic times of a pregnant mother. It is difficult to think straight because chances are, you might be in a lot of pain. If and when you suspect that you are going into labour, having a contraction timer online or doing it manually helps you calm down.