How Massage Helps Ease Pain


There is a time and a place for painkillers, but they have been largely overused lately. Many people choose painkillers to help them deal with chronic and acute pain, even when it’s not needed. Since they are often insistent about the prescription of painkillers, doctors will often acquiesce. However, painkillers are not the safest or even most effective method for dealing with pain. If you want to, you can have the pain dealt with via massage.

Massage Works

Massage is often a very effective form of pain management. However, you need to find the right type of massage therapy services in East Grinstead. These massage services need to be focused on easing your pain.

  • Massage helps to loosen muscles, which is one way to help deal with your pain. Loosening muscles helps to relax them, which can ease pain.
  • Massage also increases blood flow. When pressure is applied to certain areas, it can increase blood flow to that area, which delivers pain-reducing enzymes.

Massage Is Safe

In addition to being effective, massage is often much safer than painkillers. Painkillers can have side effects, contraindications, and complications. Also, many painkillers are addictive narcotics that need to be treated with the utmost caution. Before you agree to a long regimen of painkillers, you should talk with your doctor and massage therapists about your options. It is often the case that you can deal with your pain in more than just one way. Massage is sometimes just one element of a larger treatment plan you can work with, with the help of experts of course.