The Benefits Of Owning A Dog On Your Health


Are you one of those people who always feel tired, after a day’s work either in school or in the office? Have you ever wonder if you could change something in your life that might take the stress away? Well, worry no more! There’s still a way, have a four-legged companion. Dogs, known as men’s best friend, have unique abilities to ease those unsettling feelings.

According to several conducted studies in U.S. and other part of the world, man and animal relations may bring happiness in life. It can positively impact your health, mood and actively change your lifestyle to a better you. As such, having a dog requires care, attention and effort. Like humans, they must be fed at the right time. Proper grooming should always be put in consideration to stay healthy. And enough knowledge is required, like knowing about the paralysis tick treatment for dogs

Dogs are more than pets

Dogs are no longer common household animals who’s always wagging their tails waiting for you to come home. They are the best buddies, an adorable companion and a loyal member of the family. Owning a dog can result to far greater things like:

Dogs can brighten your day

This is the most given aspect of having a dog. They are inborn performers. Their actions like on how they wait for you to open the door and give you an adorable smile. On how they react when they had done something that would make you mad. And don’t forget those adorable looking eyes when asking for something.

Also petting a dog really reduce the stress. In a more scientific explanation it helps our body to be calm reducing the activity of stress hormones.

Dogs prevent high blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Dogs are creatures who always wish to explore the outside. So owning a dog results to more walk in the neighborhood and more time spent outside. Based on several studies, dog owners has lower risk of a cardiac arrest or heart failure. It is because of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Patients who have dog companions has a greater chance of recovery or may survive longer than those without. Dogs gave them a sense of importance to take better care of themselves. That is why most medical practitioners recommends on undergoing animal-assisted therapy.

Dogs are good against diabetes.

Several institutions had trained dogs to have the ability to detect early signs of chemical change in the body. People who’s suffering from diabetes and other related disease could experience a sudden drop of glucose level on the blood which might result to several health complications.

According to West Lindfield vet, early signs of any health related changes in the body can now be recognized by well trained dogs.

Dogs provide higher level of immunity.

Families who got pets in their home are less likely to get asthma and allergies. Studies shows that if a dog lived inside the home, babies are less likely to signs of pet allergies. So it’s safe to say that early exposure to dirt suggest caused by your pet tend improve the child’s immune system.

These four legged animals promote both psychological and physiological benefits aside from being a loyal companion. And it’s not too late to own an adorable buddy, thankfully expert vets are always there to offer advices and services to any of your pet’s needs.