Reasons to Consider Lasik


Originally something that only those with money to spare could enjoy, Lasik is now an affordable option for nearly anyone looking to permanently improve his or her vision and enjoy a more convenient way of life. Those who have never experienced deteriorating sight take advantage of never needing glasses or contacts while those who wear them know all too well how inconvenient and costly the two can become quickly. A single broken pair of glasses may cost £200 or more to replace between the cost of the frames and the lenses and a single box with just six pairs of contacts may cost anywhere from £30 to £40, making Lasik a tempting solution.

Save Money

Lasik will quickly pay for itself because you will never need to worry about the cost of a new pair of glasses or contacts again and your wallet will be fuller for other activities and costs after the procedure. Lasik is a permanent solution to deteriorated eyesight, allowing a person previously trapped by his or her corrective lenses to finally enjoy an attractive new pair of sunglasses or a 3D movie without discomfort. For those who previously wore contacts, it will no longer be necessary to move through the morning routine blindly until the contacts are ready to be put in and the simple act of removing these necessities can save hundreds a year.

Clear Sight

Glasses are cumbersome and extremely limited in the way they correct a person’s vision, meaning that the wearer must take them off to sleep, swim, shower, brush his or her hair, and more to avoid damaging the fragile item. Once you have Lasik surgery performed by well recognised eye specialists (ophthalmologists) in Singapore, you will never need to worry about losing your sight just through the basic actions of hygiene or rest. From the moment that you open your eyes in the morning to the moment that you close them to sleep that night, you will enjoy lasting clear vision.


For those who are conscious of the way that they look at any given time of the day, a pair of glasses can be frustrating to choose because the frames must be able to match nearly any outfit. This can noticeably limit the type of frames available and the colour, leaving the wearer with even less of a choice at the end of the day. Lasik would allow you to do away with your glasses altogether and do whatever you please with your makeup or clothing without worrying about a simple piece of metal on your face throwing off the image.

Fewer Injuries

Losing your glasses or a contact without warning may actually place you in danger, especially if you are driving a vehicle or plan to drive one that day. Losing just one contact is as dangerous as losing an entire pair of glasses because having only one working eye will cause depth perception to become impossibly skewed. The inability to see objects nearby or far away can result in you not noticing a pedestrian or another vehicle coming too close to your own vehicle or you may not realise that you are about to walk into danger until too late; however, Lasik will change this forever.