Stainless Steel Mayo Table Is A Must In Multiple Medical Centers


Medical centers are full of items, which you might not be able to use otherwise. Starting from chairs to tables, beds to even pans, everything is unique and made in a multi-functional mode. So, anything you are checking there out will remain within that closed walls only. One such product, which every medical center should have, is Stainless Steel Mayo Table. Not just any other table, but this is made from stainless steel and is designed to last long. Other than durability, these tables can withstand pressure like anything else. These are movable, thanks to the wheels, and can be carried from one destination to another without much labor.

Learning about the tables now:

This kind of table is a must have and falls under necessity. You must carry surgical products, cotton balls, and even food utensils from one room to another. You can’t do that if you have a standard table. That won’t move properly as asked for, and will stay fixed in one location. You can’t say that for Stainless Steel Mayo Table. These tables are sleek and easy to move, but holds the power, which you can never imagine existed. So, from carrying food plates to patients to moving surgical table during crucial surgeries, these tables are just amazing.

Checking on the hydraulic mayo tables:

Mayo is a well-known brand for creating tables best suitable to match multiple needs. Among various types of tables, hydraulic Stainless Steel Mayo Table is the best one. This category comprises of multiple tables. So, before you get to purchase one from this section, you might want to know a bit more about the available options first.

  • Hydraulic table on casters: This is the most common example of hydraulic table from Mayo category. It comprises of a recessed tabletop added with foot lever. This comes handy with 360-degree horizontal rotation. The top of the table dimension is 740 x 490 mm and with a T-shaped base on three of the casters. The casters are of 80mm in diameter. To make the tables more flexible, you have non-smudging wheels and brakes for better safety notions.
  • Adjustable stainless steel tables: Another important option for you to consider has to be this Stainless Steel Mayo Table. This is a hydraulic instrumental table, which can be raised and lower as and when asked for. It has a minimum height of 850mm and maximum that of 1200mm. This table comes handy with 20mm detachable tray and the complete measurement of the tray varies from one option to another.
  • Adjustable tray with brake: This kind of table is most promising when you are trying to feed bed-ridden patients. There are some people, who cannot move out from their beds and have to be feed over there. For them, these tables are perfect. You can wheel it towards the patients and adjust the tray of the table as per the required height. It has brakes, so that the table will not slide off when in use.

Basic Mayo tables in town:

Apart from the ones already mentioned above, there are basic options under Stainless Steel Mayo Table available too. From the chromed mayo table to the mayo table on casters, options are limitless. There are some reliable online stores, which are focusing more on this brand and providing items from this manufacturing unit. So, if you are trying to buy such items for your medical center or private hospital, you should look for the best online team to help you out. You can get these items from retail counters too, but online has better options readily available.