Mobile Therapy for Mobility Issues

Mobile Therapy

There is a great irony that many people ignore about physical therapy. If you are in physio, it’s likely because you have had some kind of accident, illness, or other injury that has rendered you less mobile than you once were. Physio is designed to help people recover from accidents and injuries that leave them injured. Even after they are done healing, they might have limited strength, flexibility, or mobility. That means those with limited mobility have to find some way to get to the physio facility as much as multiple times per week. It’s a paradox to require those with mobility issues to travel to the physical therapist. The physical therapist doesn’t have a mobility issue; why don’t they travel to the patient?

Mobile Therapy

There are not many physio practices that will come to you but there are some. These practices consist of everything that you would get from a stationary physiotherapist but without the need to find some way to get there. That’s especially helpful for those who have mobility issues or those who have traveling issues. Even if you don’t have serious mobility issues, if you don’t have a car, you can’t get to your physical therapist. Mobile physiotherapy in Perth enables you to do your physical therapy without having to leave your house. That means you’ll be more likely to do it consistently, and your therapist will be better equipped to keep you committed.

Stay Committed

The most important part of physical therapy is to stay committed. If you stay committed to your physical therapy, you will see results over time. The most frustrating part of physical therapy is when you’re working through the different exercises but you feel like you aren’t making any progress. The physical therapy movements tend to be fairly painful. That’s why it’s so important to work with a talented therapist. There is a thin line between the pain that comes from effectively working your muscles and tendons and the pain that means you are injuring yourself.

Physical therapy focuses typically on flexibility and/or strength. After some kind of accident or injury, your bones and joints will heal. However, they might heal back stiffer and tighter than before. That will make it difficult to move your muscles or joints through a full range of motion. Much of physical therapy involves learning how to restore that full range of motion, but it is a painful and slow process. If the therapist comes to you, at least you’ll be able to do it in the comfort of your home.

A physical therapist should make you feel comfortable as you work through each exercise, and working from your own home is a great way to feel comfortable. It could even help you recover faster.