Six Techniques for Reducing the Appearance of Cellulite


Even when it is hot outside, many women will not wear shorts or short- sleeved tops because they are embarrassed by cellulite on their legs or arms. Although some women are slim, they may still have cellulite accumulation they would like to have disappear. Here are six ways to help get rid of cellulite.

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by fat deposits beneath the skin which are usually visible as lumps or dimples under the skin’s surface. Although men can have cellulite, it is a largely female problem, as 80% to 90% of those who have cellulite are women. A woman doesn’t need to be obese to have cellulite either, as it is often linked to genetics.

Solutions for Cellulite

Cellulite’s unique appearance, which looks like honeycombs, occurs because collagen beneath the skin separates fat from connective tissues. Since it is fat, women will try different methods to try to get rid of it, but dieting and exercise usually have little effect because it is hard to target fat in specific areas. However, there are some solutions for reducing the appearance of cellulite. Read on to find out more.

Quitting Smoking

Although you may not think that smoking affects fat and the appearance of cellulite, it does, because smoking interferes with the body’s ability to produce collagen. Collagen is a protein found in connective tissues that gives skin a smooth appearance.

Tight Clothing

When working out, wearing compression or tight clothing like workout pants, shorts, or long-sleeved shirts may help reduce cellulite. This may work because the clothing is exerting pressure on connective tissues, helping to smooth skin.

Ultrasound Cavitation

During the process of ultrasound cavitation, an ultrasound machine uses high-energy waves to form microbubbles within the fat deposits and the interstitial liquid of the cellulite. The bubbles eventually implode, causing the fat and interstitial liquid to be processed through the liver and then out of the body. Basically, this technique for fat reduction in Sydney helps process cellulite deposits into liquid and then removes them from the body.

Cellulite Creams

There are also topical cellulite creams which, when regularly applied, can reduce fat deposits. Most of these creams contain caffeine, which acts to dehydrate fat cells and shrink fat deposits. Although you can rub them in, massaging the creams into the skin or using a rolling motion to aid absorption works better than just rubbing them in with your fingers.

Coffee Scrubs

Coffee scrubs also contain caffeine, and they therefore work in much the same way as cellulite creams do. Once absorbed into the skin, the caffeine helps to reduce fat deposits by dehydrating and shrinking fat cells. Coffee scrubs also help drain lymph nodes in the body, which in turn helps smooth the skin.


The cosmetic technique of mesotherapy was developed to help people with psoriasis and eczema get pain relief. It involves injecting vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes into tissues under the skin. It is also a cellulite treatment available in Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia. It works by breaking down fat to create smoother-looking skin.

Most of these treatments require daily usage or else cellulite will reappear.