The Many Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking


One of the main reasons why individuals choose to switch from smoking to vaping is the health benefits. People who use electronic cigarettes inhale vapor as opposed to harmful smoke. You can even buy e cigarette devices which allow you to vaporise e liquid which contains zero nicotine. Here are some of the many benefits associated with vaping over smoking.

What Vaping Eliminates

  • Bad Smells

If you’ve been out to a restaurant or bar where smoking is allowed indoors, you’ll notice your clothes will stink from the night before. This smell is caused by tobacco smoke which has gotten into the fibres of your clothing causing it to wreak. There are a huge amount of chemicals and other harmful substance in a traditional cigarette, when someone is smoking in your vicinity the scent is potent. This scent attaches to your clothing and leaves a bad smell even after you haven’t been around cigarettes for many hours. An e cig doesn’t cause this problem, it vaporises e liquid which leaves little to no smell at all, so you won’t come home after a night out stinking of tobacco smoke.

  • Stained Teeth

Everyone knows that one of the worst side effects of smoking traditional cigarettes is having yellow, brown stained teeth. This doesn’t look good on anyone and you can’t do much to stop it if you regularly use tobacco. It is a noticeable side effect of smoking that does a lot of damage to your teeth. People who use e cigs don’t experience the same problem, they aren’t using tobacco smoke, so their teeth tend to stay white instead of changing into an unattractive brown colour. When you light a cigarette, you are burning harmful chemicals that not only affect your teeth, they also damage your skin and other internal organs. Tobacco smoke contains dangerous chemicals such as:

  • Nicotine
  • Ammonia
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Tar
  • Formaldehyde

This is only a small sample of the numerous dangerous chemicals that affect your health when you choose to light up a traditional tobacco-based product. Vaping doesn’t cause your skin to turn yellow as opposed to regular tobacco smoking, the vapor, which is inhaled doesn’t contain near as many chemicals as a conventional cigarette.

  • Ashtrays & Lighters

If you’ve kids around the house, you must keep an eye on them if you smoke. Sometimes you’ll forget to put ashtrays or lighters away and your child can get hold of them. It is dangerous having a device which can produce an open flame, it only takes one spark to ignite a catastrophic fire in your home, and if a young child gets their hands on a lighter or matches they could mistakenly think they are a toy.

Vaping has numerous benefits over smoking, they don’t require an open flame to ignite them. They use a battery to vaporise the liquid inside, so at no point will you require a lighter or matches to use the e cigarette. In addition, you inhale vapor as opposed to tobacco smoke. This won’t stain your teeth, leave bad odours or affect your lungs in the same way as a cigarette.