Thinking about HIIT training? Here’s all you need to know


HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and includes short sessions or burst of exercise that can help you lose those extra pounds, tone your body and build strength. It can involve cardio sessions, weight training and anything that can help you have a lean and fit body.

HIIT training has grown hugely in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. It produces impressively quick results. It has a lot to offer, both in terms of the health benefits it produces and is a very effective way to achieve your fitness targets in minimal time. So if you are planning to give HIIT training a try then here is everything that you need to know about HIIT before getting started

Regular breaks and intervals

One of the golden rules of HIIT is “take breaks”. Yes, you heard that right. Taking breaks is a necessary element of HIIT and is an essential part of the success of the workout. Not taking breaks means you may end up not exercising in the most optimum way. Your body needs to recover before you start off with the next session; therefore breaks are as necessary as the workouts to reap some really good results of HIIT training. The rest time prepares your body to perform at its best in the next session and provides cardio conditioning.

…Balanced with hard work

HIIT is all about pushing yourself to your limit in short bursts. So if you are planning on joining a HIIT training session, then you can expect some hard work to be coming your way. You will be required to push hard on the intensity factor. Though the HIIT sessions are short, you will be driving your body to its max.

Say bye bye to belly fat

HIIT workouts work wonders on belly fat.  Trying to lose belly fat can feel like moving a mountain sometimes but HIIT has targeted ways to achieve real, tangible results on stubborn areas of the body.

HIIT can help in building muscle

HIIT is not only for those who wish to burn fat and lose weight. It’s also a top way to build muscle and strength too.

H for Happy hormones

Taking part in regular HIIT workout sessions can leave you feeling happier as well as healthier! Research shows that HIIT sessions encourage the release of happy hormones and that regular exercise can help you raise your mood, alleviate anxiety and depression.

Keeps Cholesterol in Check

Research also shows that HIIT workout sessions reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. The best part is that it does so in a quicker time than almost any other type of exercise routine can achieve the same results. It also reduces the chances of developing heart disease and gets you rid of clots and clogs. Heart health definitely benefits from regular HIIT sessions.

HIIT does not come with a danger sign

If you are sceptical about HIIT and worry that pushing yourself so hard in such intense bursts could be dangerous, then here is some good news for you: HIIT has been proven to be completely safe when carried out at prescribed levels. If you are concerned about your ability to manage the programme then speak to your doctor before initiating the training and get the help of a qualified personal trainer or coach to construct a personalised programme for you.

Never skip the warm-up sessions

Warm-ups are just as important as the HIIT workouts themselves so don’t be tempted to ditch this part of the training, thinking you’re saving time. Warm up sessions are very important in getting your body ready for the HIIT that’s about to come.

Flexible HIIT workouts

HIIT is not just for hardcore athletes; people with short term goals can also benefit from HIIT exercises. HIIT workouts are flexible and therefore can be customised according to the need and ability of the individual undertaking the training. HIIT can be a booster for your weight loss mission, or help you tone up and lose weight from problematic areas, and the best part is that you can do it anywhere and do not have to depend on any high tech machines or gym equipment.

HIIT improves endurance

People have a misconception that HIIT can only help in weight loss. But the scope and potential of HIIT goes far beyond just that. Not only does HIIT helps in losing those extra pounds but it also helps in increasing your endurance ability too. It might sound crazy to say that less is more, but in the case of HIIT, it certainly is.

HIIT – a key to reversing the signs of aging?

Because HIIT enhances your overall health and boosts your happy hormones, a session of HIIT can also leave you looking glowing and – many people report – with younger looking skin! So forget the expensive face creams, when it comes to reversing those pesky signs of aging, the best treatment is HIIT!

Too much is not good

You are sure to get some quick results with HIIT, but you need to remember not to overdo it too. Don’t give yourself an injury by forgetting to rest in between bursts of intensity and follow the programme laid out by your personal trainer which will have been worked out to suit your goals and ability. You can include other activities in your daily routine along with HIIT but keep your HIIT sessions to a maximum of three to four days a week.

HIIT helps in improving insulin sensitivity

Acquiring sensitivity may be a bad thing when you think of it in general terms. But in the case of insulin, the case is totally the opposite. In actual fact, being insulin sensitive is a good thing as you then only require a small quantity of insulin to reduce the sugar levels in your body.

So now you know the many benefits of HIIT, are you ready to join the HIIT revolution?