Tips to have beautiful lips


The face is undoubtedly the most important part of the body as it is first seen by others. The lip portion is equally crucial and needs to be taken care of, which at times can prove to be difficult. They are sensitive and delicate parts of the face and should be kept in proper condition. Otherwise, chances are that lip sticks and lip colors will not do justice to the beautiful face. Moreover, cracks and sores may emerge in improperly cared for lips that can be quite painful at times. They may trouble when drinking or eating. During winter, the task of maintaining good looking lips becomes all the more challenging, since cold dry winds remove softness and nourishment of the skin. This the lip becomes dry, ugly and chapped.

Some tips to take proper care of the lips

  • Regular exfoliation: Exfoliation on a regular basis is a step that should never be missed out. Dead skin present on the lips should be eliminated periodically. On proper elimination of dead skin, nourishments can be supplied easily and effortlessly to the lips. Scrubs can be prepared at the home to clean gently the dead skin cells. Use lemon juice mixed with sugar as natural sugar scrub or buy organic lip scrub online India. After its application, leave it for few seconds. Clean it and the lips will become super smooth.
  • Proper nourishment: Chapped lips do require proper nourishment, so as to make them appear beautiful and pink. One appropriate nourishment method is to use lip balm and carry it along everywhere. Natural balm can be prepared at the home using common kitchen based ingredients. Add tea-tree essential oil of few drops to some coconut oil. Apply the mixture gently on the lips and leave it overnight to derive smooth lips.
  • Consume plenty of water: Hydrated lips will not get chapped or dry easily. Dryness and chapping takes place if there is insufficient water amount in the body and supply to lips is limited. Water is to be consumed in good amount. Besides the lips, the skin will also appear shiny and glowing.
  • Balanced healthy, fresh foods: Consume foods which will make the lips to become softer. Always have food which contains water and are found extremely nourishing. Dry fruits and fruits rich in vitamins can provide good nutrition to the body and lips as it contains omega-3 fatty acids.

Some points to consider

  • Buy only quality organic lip scrub online India products.
  • Avoid licking the lips, since it will only make them dry.
  • Use lip balm always having SPF for safeguarding the lips from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Limit intake of caffeine content. Beautiful lips cannot be derived with dehydrated body.
  • Apply moisturizer in good amount on the lips prior to hitting the bed. It will provide the necessary nourishment and make it appear beautiful.

Following the above can help to have beautiful looking, smooth lips that will be admired by everyone.