Getting Help: How Long Should You Stay in Rehab?


Maybe you know some stories of celebrities who have struggled with drug or alcohol addiction.

Or perhaps, you have friends or relatives who are in recovery. Even those you don’t know very well may be suffering in silence for many years. 

You see, addiction can happen to anyone; stay-at-home moms, professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, and so on. That’s why if you’re facing the same struggles, you must understand the importance of getting help and seeking treatment.

For some, though, the question of “how long does rehab last” is one of the things that keep them from reaching out for help. If this is your main concern, here’s what you need to know about the average duration of rehab programs.

The Many Answers to “How Long Does Rehab Last?”

If you do a bit of research, you’ll notice that different facilities might offer rehab programs with varying lengths of stay. This is because the answer to “how long is rehab?” depends on several factors.

For example, some patients have a dual diagnosis, which means they have a mental illness that is co-occurring with an alcohol or drug problem. This usually requires a longer stay to prevent relapse.

Other factors that could affect the length of treatment include the severity of addiction and how the patient responds to the therapies. If they are showing good progress, they might not need extended care options such as staying in a sober living environment. 

Understanding the Standard 30-Day Program

Whether it’s alcohol or drug rehab, a lot of patients start with a 30-day program. During this period, the patient will undergo detox and receive therapies for preventing relapse, behavioral disorders, and so on. 

Now, while some patients may have stopped experiencing withdrawal symptoms in a month, it doesn’t mean they’re ready to leave rehab. For some, this is the time when they realize they should go for a longer program, which can last up to 90 days.

After completing their treatment, some patients will also need aftercare. This may be in the form of a sober living home, or it may mean outpatient treatment. 

Take It One Day at a Time

Now that you know the answer to “how long does rehab take?”, it’s important you don’t dwell too much on not being able to go back to your usual routine. There’s a reason why the standard program lasts a month. 

Remember that even after completing the 30-day program, it’s just the beginning. Everyone in recovery tries to live one day at a time because if they worry too much about the past or the future, it could undo the progress they’ve made. 

Do You Need Help?

So, how long does rehab last? Only you and your treatment team can answer that, but when you’re ready to start, you should prepare yourself to stay for a minimum of 30 days.

If you need more information on getting help for addiction, don’t hesitate to check out our other posts. Remember, you’re not alone; you just need to take the first step and ask for help.