Top 3 Things To Expect From Your First Pediatric ENT Appointment


It could be an allergy, a sore throat, or an ear infection but your child will eventually need to visit a pediatric ENT. Most of the time, children are afraid or anxious about seeing a new face or a new doctor. However, being aware that it is going to be their first ever visit will ease their anxiety or fear. Both you and your child need to prepare for your first pediatric ENT appointment. Read on to know the things to expect from your first pediatric ENT appointment.

1. It Might Take A While

Your first pediatric ENT visit may take a little while. Aside from the usual delays, most ENT doctors take time to establish and develop a rapport with their patients before they start doing anything. There are kids who could take a while to warm up especially to strangers.

2. Questions About Medical History

During your first ENT visit, the doctor will examine your child and will ask for any lab tests, x-rays, or CT scans that he might have undergone in the past. As a parent, you will be asked about the medical history of your child. If your child is suffering from an ear infection, it is possible that you will be asked about the dates when the infection first occurred. The doctor might want to know how long it took for the ear infection to clear up.

The doctor might inquire about the type of medications that were used or if your child is currently under medication. Additionally, the ENT doctor might ask if your child is suffering from any other health problems. It is therefore important that you come prepared during your first appointment. Bring any prescriptions or records like the schedule of your child’s vaccination as well as your family’s health history.

3. Exams Based On Your Child’s Condition

Based on your child’s complaint, the doctor will examine the ears, nose, or throat. Your child might not be comfortable with this so it could help if he sits on your lap during the examination. The ENT doctor may simply observe your child while he is playing, but it depends on the age and the complaint. Doctors have different styles of practice and it is hard to exactly know what your ENT will do. However, generally, a pediatric ENT doctor would do any of the following:

  • If your child has an ear infection and the doctor finds out pus build-up in the ears, he may decide to put tympanostomy tubes on your child’s ears. These tubes will drain the pus out of the ears properly. This outpatient procedure clears the area behind the eardrum and prevents future infections from happening.
  • If the speech and hearing of your child are not affected by the infection, the doctor might just observe him and treat his ears with antibiotics. The treatment could take a few weeks. If the problem persists and the hearing becomes affected, the doctor might recommend tube surgery.

Your first ENT appointment will also include education on how to manage your child’s health condition at home. The ENT doctor might also recommend follow up tests like hearing tests or X-ray.