8 Tactics for Better Sleep


Sleep is a major source of providing your body the rest it needs to function optimally.


Unfortunately, in our productivity-driven society, we tend to sacrifice our sleep.

Several studies have showed that poor sleep can have negative impact on your hormones and your cognitive performance.


A good sleeping pattern will increase your brain’s functionality and make your body healthier.

Here are top 8 tactics that will help you sleep better;

1.      Maintain a Routine

There are some rules which you have to follow in order to sleep better at night, such as maintaining a sleeping routine.

When it’s your bed time, leave everything and sleep. Working in bed or caffeine intake before going to sleep can harm your sleep cycle.

2.                  Healthy Habits

Our habits shape our lives.


They also shape the way we sleep at night.

Your sleep drive can be enhanced if you develop healthy habits such as avoiding naps in the middle of the day and exercising on regular basis.

Dim the lights in your bedroom, this will help you get a goodnight sleep.

3.                  Manage your Schedule

One of the biggest hurdles that disrupts your sleeping routine is, busy or unproper schedule.

Evaluate your schedule and find ways to improve it. Make a few changes to take out more time to sleep.

Managing your work schedule will also help you get better results.

4.                  Healthy Circadian Rhythm

Circadian Rhythm is your body’s natural time-keeping clock. It affects your brain activity.

To have a healthy Circadian rhythm, expose yourself to natural light.

Several insomnia patients have reported improvement in their sleep by exposing themselves to natural light.

5.                  Avoid Late Night Meals

Eating late at night affects the release of melatonin which in turn affects the quality of your sleep.

Try to eat at least three hours before bedtime. Eat less carbs before going to bed to further increase the chances of having a good night sleep.

So, try to avoid snacks during your bedtime.

6.                  Relaxing Shower

A key to deep sleep is taking a relaxing bath or shower before going to bed.

This helps calm your body, giving you a peace of mind and resulting in better sleep.

A study related to 90 minutes of hot bath showed improvement in sleeping patterns and the patients reported quality deep sleep.

7.                  Comfortable Bed

An overlooked factor that affects our sleep is the comfort level.

If possible,

Change your bedding after every six years to make sure that the place you sleep in, is comfortable enough.

Another harmful aspect of having poor bedding is that it can cause lower-back pain.

8.                  Drink Moderately

It is suggested that you should not drink too much liquid before bedtime as it can cause Nocturia- excessive urination during night.

By sleeping good at night, you wake up fresh and energetic to tackle the day.

So, make sure that you take care of yourself by sleeping better.

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