What does a pediatric dentist do


Are you on the lookout for pediatric dentists in Mumbai? If so, you need to understand on what they tend to do in the first place. They are considered to be a specially trained dentist who goes on to provide services to children. What children means that you are under the age of 14 years, but here children are referred to as toddlers. A pediatric dentist undergoes specialized treatment in the domain of primary or secondary teeth along with the challenges encountered in both cases. In addition to this they are trained in child psychology, who goes on to assist kids who do not cooperate or finding it difficult as far as examination of the teeth or the mouth is concerned.

Their prime duty involved is to assess the oral health of a person through a series of examinations. It also goes on to include corrections or preventive measures to eradicate any problems arising during the course of examinations. This does involve the filling of cavities which is a scary and painful experience for the kids, whereby the psychological role of a pediatric dentist comes into prominence. As a dentist, you need to be aware of how to keep the kid calm and still long enough to undertake the procedure which is necessary for restoring the oral health of the patient. The child cannot understand what is going on as they do not the maturity or the reasoning power which an adult has. The onus is to work on the mental side of things and take the kids into a zone of comfort.

Another aspect of pediatric dentistry is to educate the parents about the oral health of the children. The habits which are developed in the first few years of life continue to stick throughout the course of your life. Many parents fail to brush the teeth of the kids, which may arise because of various difficulties, in line with the belief that if the kid is not eating candy or sweets there is no need to brush.  In real there is a lot of sugar in milk, and primary teeth are prone to infection due to lack of care. The dentist goes on to help the parents on what is the need for oral care and how to accomplish it. This is on the same line as with a pediatric ENT specialist in Mumbai, who does take care of the ears of the kids.

Your kid is not going to keep their first set of teeth forever but it does not mean that there is no form of care needed. The primary teeth will be there during the course of childhood help the kids to breathe hew etc. In fact, for the first 6 years of his life, he has to rely on this set of teeth to perform these important set of functions. It is till the age of 12, your child will have a mixture of permanent and fixed teeth. Just make it a point that the teeth are lost naturally when the correct time arrives.

The first baby teeth of your kids may start to emerge between 6 to 9 months. In some cases, it can go on to start earlier than this and when the teeth arrive your baby is bound to experience some form of discomfort.