What Is Hammertoe


You might feel that your toes are hurting more than usual. One of the reasons for this is a condition called hammertoe. This causes the toes to curl inwards and the tendons in the toes can become much more rigid.

There are several reasons why you might have started to develop this condition. The causes will be explained to you by a foot specialist.

  • The tendon is not fully formed in your foot, which can cause the joints to bend unnaturally.
  • The foot has a high arch, which means that the joints in the toes naturally have more pressure.
  • You have developed a condition such as diabetes.
  • The bunions on the bottom of your feet have started to change shape.
  • This condition runs in your family.
  • The shoes that you are wearing are too tight or they restrict the foot in any way.

You will notice this because your feet will be painful and you will have difficulty walking. You should also pay attention to the way that your toes are positioned when you do not have any shoes or socks on. You may have noticed that you are a lot less active than you used to be. The pain in your feet needs to be assessed by a podiatrist in Marylands because this might prevent you from going from workouts at the gym or riding your bike.

How Can This Condition Be Treated

You will be glad to know that this condition can be treated by a professional with many years of experience.

The condition will be treated in a number of different ways:

Anti-Inflammation Medication – the anti-inflammation medication can be used to make sure that the tendons do not get swollen. This is going to make it easier for you to walk and do other activities such as running and cycling.

Injections – A course of injections can be administered so that the tendons are not causing you many problems. The pain that you were experiencing will be reduced.

Strapping – Your toes can be held in the correct place by some strapping. This is not going to affect your ability to walk at all. Instead, you will find that your toes become straighter because of this method.

Custom Made Shoes – shoes can be specially made so that your toes are going to have the maximum amount of room. These shoes will mould perfectly to the individual shape of your feet. When you walk, your toes are going to be in the correct position.

Avoid High Heels – High-heeled shoes are extremely stylish. However, they can also cause your toes to push up against the front of the footwear. A team of specialists will advise you that you should wear shoes that have flat soles instead of ones that are raised off the floor.

Article Round-Up

You will be able to reverse the effects of hammertoe with the help of some specialists. They are going to assess your feet and then they are going to decide the best course of action to take.