Biking, Running or Swimming: Which One Is Best For You?


Every so often people decide that it is time to begin exercising again. Sometimes this drive comes from a doctor’s suggestion. Other times it’s a personal desire to get in shape. Whatever the case may be a personal trainer can be helpful in setting you on the right track. Personal trainers can help you determine what exercises are best for you. Below we compare three exercises you may want to discuss with your trainer.


Running is one of the most tiring yet effective exercises. However, it can be strenuous on your knees. Running for long periods of time can be quite stressful on your muscles and joints. Due to this, it’s best to run with the guidance of a personal trainer near me or near you. Then they can teach you the proper running techniques.

Running is good for you for various reasons. For one, it burns a lot of calories. It can even burn more than biking when done right. Coupled with a bit of strength training, running is also useful in toning your whole body.


Cycling whether stationary or mobile has a host of benefits if you’re looking to bulk up. If you would like to travel more extensive distances while you are exercising, biking is also a better option. You can go much further on a bike than you can while running. This offers a perfect opportunity to explore the outdoors.

You can cycle past parks and whole neighbourhoods. If you want to explore nature then head to a local trail. There are bikes made especially for biking up mountains. Using a mountain bike on a nature trail will get you outdoors and enjoying the good weather.

However, don’t forget to workout your upper body as well. When biking you will mainly be working out your lower body. So, you’ll need to do some extra exercises on the side to keep your upper body toned too.


Of the three sports, swimming is the most joint-friendly. Water supports your weight, so there’s little strain on your joints.

It is also suitable for exercise because it promotes whole body toning. To lose weight while swimming you’ll need to go at a higher intensity. However, if you aren’t too worried about weight-loss, you can opt for a lower intensity instead.

Swimming at a lower intensity will still provide you with the movement you need to get in shape, you just won’t lose weight quite as quickly. Even still, don’t overlook swimming it is an excellent way to get in shape. If you are not an experienced swimmer or you want to improve your technique, plenty of local pools offer swimming lessons for beginners and intermediate swimmers too.

In the end, it is best to opt for the exercise that you feel most comfortable with. Running is excellent for building endurance, biking will enable you to explore the outdoors and swimming will reduce the strain on your joints. If you aren’t sure which exercise you would prefer, it is best to have a chat with your personal trainer.