Heat-not-burn tobacco products could engulf the popularity of traditional cigarettes


There has been a constant rise of e-cigarettes due to the fact that they offer consumers with nicotine buzz without producing the harmful tar effect and other cancer-causing chemicals which are there in standard cigarettes. However, it might be seen that e-cigarettes will soon be engulfed by the consumer market which chooses heat-not-burn products which are almost like traditional cigarettes but which are still unregulated.

There was a study which took a look at Google search data which was publicly available in Japan for tobacco heat-not-burn products within 2015 January and 2017 August. It was found out that the tobacco manufacturers have been engaged in aggressively marketing such products in Japan since the year 2014. The recent soaring consumption of heat-not-burn tobacco is still partial as it imposes several stringent regulations on the liquid sale which contains nicotine, that’s used in electronic cigarettes.

On the contrary, many companies which manufacture such products have a host of non-tobacco vaporizers which can help the users in quitting smoking. The makers of such heat-not-burn tobacco products claim that these products are healthier than cigarettes and they are even able to deliver satisfaction of the typical throat-hit which is there in cigarettes. They also say that e-cigarettes don’t offer that typical sensation.

As per a study in Japan, it has been seen that queries on heat-not-burn products have hiked by 1434% in the very first year in 2015. In between 2015 and 2017, the total number of queries increased by 2956%. Based on all such trends, it is being predicted that these queries will keep growing at a similar rate throughout 2018. Heat-not-burn products have suddenly become insanely popular and it was just 2 years back that there were no queries in Japan but now there are almost 6-7.5 million queries in each month.

Researchers are also of the opinion that the interest in heat-not-burn products is overshadowing the interest that was created by electronic cigarettes in Japan. This could clearly mean that the sale of this new product will definitely exceed the electronic cigarettes. These new products are available in Canada too but their popularity here has just begun to grow.

This product is in the midst of gaining enough popularity but still it is at its low-key stage, initially dwarfed by electronic cigarettes at the present moment. This is a trendier choice in case you’re looking forward to using an alternative nicotine delivery system. Nevertheless, it is growing and it has got several big-shot tobacco companies supporting it.