Quick Look At The Kettlebells And Its Notable Consideration


The health-conscious people will be interested to know about the emerging trends that are encountered in fitness equipment. Every single gym goers are used to the equipment called dumbbells but technology has replaced dumbbells and gave it a new look and this new look or rather a new version is called kettlebell. You can get a detail of this new equipment in this article.

Types of Kettlebells

A kettlebell looks like a cannonball and has a handle. It is mainly used for ballistic exercises. You can do a number of exercises with it. Those who intend to build up their muscle’s strength can look for a wide choice of kettlebells at Strength and Fitness. Kettlebells can be broadly categorised into two types and they are:

  • Cast iron classic or fitness kettlebell: If you are looking for a kettlebell that suits your fitness levels then the cast iron is perfect for you. It is available in various sizes. The size of the kettlebell is of immense importance for it is to be bought as per your body’s strength and ability.
  • Steel competition or Girya sports kettlebell: Unlike cast iron, the steel completion does not come in different sizes rather it has a fixed size. It is basically composed of steel.

If you want to buy any out of the two kettlebells then you need to find the weight of a kettlebell as per a colour code. An important point of differentiation between the two types of kettlebells is in terms of cost-effectiveness. The first one is less expensive whereas the second one is quite expensive. So it is better to keep up affordability while taking care of your well-being.

Besides the two types of kettlebells, there are other two versions of kettlebells which include plastic and vinyl. You will be quite happy to hear both versions are affordable.

Certain considerations

While purchasing a kettlebell an athlete needs to take care of certain important considerations. A guide has been provided for getting a clear understanding of the kettlebells.

Weight: It is perhaps the most significant feature that requires a close attention to weight plates and chooses the affordable weight plates. If you use a kettlebell that is beyond your body’s capability then you might end up injuring your muscles. A list of proper weight has been given below:

  • Beginners: The beginners can buy kettlebell of 16kg. However, this weight will vary as per gender or age. The recommended weight for teenagers is 12 kg whereas it is 8kg for women.
  • Average athletes: The people who have average fitness levels can look for a kettlebell which is of 20kg. Whereas women can start with 12 kg.
  • Fit athletes: Trained athletes can start their work out with a kettlebell which weighs about 24 kg.

Load: It is always recommendable not to buy adjustable kettlebells. Instead, you should buy two different sizes that will include a heavier and a lighter one.

Handle: Always check for the size and thickness of the handle as it is to be smooth and flexible on your hands.

Spacing: There should be adequate space between the handles as it might assure convenient usage. The standard spacing between the handles should be 55m.

If you want to stay first and healthy then start using kettlebells. Before buying them please go through the above-mentioned guide and choose the best for you.