The respiratory disorders affect the body


Body of a woman  goes through many changes during pregnancy and a woman is prone to many disorders while she is expecting a baby. There is a chance to get many Respiratory Disorders in pregnancy and there is a need to get the proper consultation and get the right medication to get well soon.  A pregnancy is linked with increase in the increase in minute ventilation that comes out of tidal volume increase. This change in the bicarbonate makes a difference to the capacity of a woman and a woman may have to face acidosis. The body has many changes and there are many respiratory issues.

Dyspnoea in pregnancy

As the baby grows inside the womb, the weight of baby as well as mother increases speedily. As a result there may be a problem of Shortness of breath. A pregnant woman can go for some easy breathing exercises that can give her the best relief. There are also a few hormonal factors that can make a lot of difference. A woman may feel hungry even after eating food.


This is a common disorder that is found in pregnant woman. They may feel asthmatic throughout their pregnancy. This is one of the most commonly found respiratory disorders during pregnancy. Some of the pregnant women may also face acid reflux that can also make a woman feel discomfort. The body gets to many changes during pregnancy and the serum in the boy may increase. A woman may feel difficulty in breathing even at the time of delivery and the doctors may give he an oxygen mask so that she my feel better. If you are asthmatic you need to tell that to your doctor so that they will give you medications accordingly.

Pneumonia and tuberculosis

These are also commonly found diseases in pregnancy. They may create a few complications in pregnancy. The oxygen consumption in the body may be increased. Thee disorders can be treated with proper medication.

Acute respiratory distress

This disorder may result from a big trauma. There are many medicines that can treat this disorders and those are safe during pregnancy. There are also some physiological changes that one may suffer in pregnancy. A pregnant woman should avoid smoking and intake of drugs is pregnancy as it may affect the growth of the baby in her womb. A counselling can help in such cases.  Cognitive behavioural therapy can also be a great help. Some of the pregnant women may have very intense cravings for the smoking or drugs and they can go for the nicotine replacement therapy. This therapy is very reliable as well as effective.

Proper care must be taken

You need to take good care of your health while you are pregnant. You need to see your doctor regularly for check up and talk to the doctor regarding your health issues. Doctors may get you some medicines those are fully safe for your baby get the best medicine and have a safe and happy delivery.