What Does an Osteopath Do?


Osteopathy is a field of medicine that focuses on stretching the muscles in order to prevent health conditions. Osteopathy involves moving, stretching, and massaging the joints and muscles of a person in order to relieve pain. The primary principle of osteopathy is that the health of the person is mainly dependent upon his or her muscles, bones, connective tissue, and the smooth functioning of the ligaments. If these body parts are not functioning together, you are bound to experience pain or any other type of health condition. Rather than rely on allopathic medication, an osteopath relies on the use of physical manipulation, massaging, and stretching. The main aim of an osteopath is to:

  • Increase the mobility of joints
  • Relieve the tension in the muscles
  • Increase the supply of blood to the tissues
  • Help a person’s body to heal


One of the key differences between osteopaths and other medical professionals is that osteopaths do not use any kind of drugs or surgery. If you want purely natural treatment for any kind of health problem that you are experiencing, you can set an appointment with osteopaths in SG14 in order to get naturopathic treatment for any kind of problem that you might be experiencing.


When you go to an osteopath for treatment, he or she will first ask you about any prevailing health conditions that you might be suffering from. He or she will then find out the closest associated muscles and then determine the exact source of pain. Osteopaths provide different kinds of massages to the patients in order to improve the flow of blood and relieve the tension in the muscles. Regular treatment is necessary in order to ensure that the pain is relieved completely. These are the main treatments that osteopaths offer.