4 Healthy Habits You Need in Your Life

Healthy Habits

Let’s be realistic. Most of us don’t eat a perfect diet 100% of the time. Most of us don’t get a perfect 8 hours of sleep every single day. And most of us don’t get the recommended minimum levels of exercise every single week of the year.

Sometimes, life just gets in the way. And while we strive to be healthy as much of the time as we possibly can, hiccups will happen.

But by building little essential health habits, we ensure that on even our busiest days, we don’t slip too far off the wagon in our quest to look after our health.

Here are four of favourite healthy habits.

  1. Have Breakfast!

Even if you’re in a massive rush, make time for breakfast. Keep instant porridge pots and plenty of fruit around the place for the mornings you’re in too much of a rush for a leisurely one. But whichever way you do it, make sure you do grab breakfast.

Studies have highlighted numerous benefits of breakfast in particular. But perhaps the most compelling was a study released by Columbia University in January 2017. It concluded that skipping breakfast could lead to an increased risk of certain cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Breakfast also kick starts you for the day and improves your concentration.

2. Drink Enough Water

NHS guidelines specify that 6 to 8 glasses of water a day in the UK climate is about what we need.

Dehydration can lead to dizziness and tiredness quite quickly, so failing to drink enough water could leave you feeling lethargic.

Carry a bottle around in your bag so you’re never without access and just sip throughout the day. It’s an easy habit to build and one that we shouldn’t undervalue.

3. Stand Up for a Couple of Hours a Day

Office based jobs in particular lead to a lot of sitting and this comes with an increased risk of cardiovascular problems and even certain cancers.

But, guidelines suggest that standing up for a couple of hours each day can really help.

Of course it’s impractical to be standing for 2 hours at work in a single period if you’re office based. But heading out for a walk at lunchtime, having quick meetings or brainstorming sessions with colleagues on your feet and getting up for a tea break all contribute to the two hours you should aim to spend on your feet at work.

Build standing periods into your day based on your job, whether it’s taking phone calls on your feet, doing all your printing in one go to spend a little longer up and about or even making use of any office standing desk facilities.

4. Track What You Can

We don’t need to rely as heavily on medical professionals for health monitoring as we once did. The simple stuff like activity levels, steps taken, nutrition from the food we eat, our weight and blood pressure can all be measured at home with fitness trackers, low cost monitors and mobile apps.

Innovative companies like Forth With Life have taken this even further, enabling us to track various blood profile markers using a test taken at home. They then provide a digital results dashboard with more insight and information than you’d ever be likely to get from a GP.

So building tracking into your life can make it much easier for your to proactively look after your health.