Yoga Festivals for Energizing Your Mind


The healthy being craves an occasional wildness, a jolt from normality, a sharpening of the edge of appetite, his own little festival. a brief excursion from his way of life. Have you considered a change in your daily Yoga practice? Maybe you feel your personal practice needs new energy. There is a time when all of us feel it is time to “recharge our batteries.” Famous sociologist, Robert MacIver, wrote. the comfort zone, and observe other styles, non-judgmentally. Yoga festivals may be one more step in cementing Yoga to the cultural foundation of American society.

At first glance, a Yoga festival would seem to be a contradiction in terms: Yoga is usually done alone, with the emphasis on nurturing the practitioner in a non-competitive manner. Attending a festival can be positive for Yoga practice, when it provides an opportunity to step outside However, an ‘excursion from one’s own way of life’ can bring new focus and insight to one’s Yoga practice. With this in mind, a number of Yoga festivals have sprung up across the United States, and internationally.

Festivals try to respond to these issues by donating proceeds to nonprofits, offsetting carbon loads, and emphasizing recycling and zero impact. Many offer low-priced packages and the opportunity to work at the festival for waived admission, as well as on-site camping. To me, American Yoga is superficial, there’s no depth — it’s like playing sports,” said Indian Yoga teacher, Kamal Deep Ohlan. During Shiva Rea’s demonstration of her high-energy Yoga Trance Dance, some 20 people left the room.

This festival promotes giving to others and caring for the environment. Where possible, the organizers try to find green solutions to reduce any negative impact their festivals may have on the environment. International misunderstandings take place too. At the International Yoga Festival in India, some traditional practitioners are shocked, and horrified, by the introduction of U.S. style Yoga. “I’ve practised yoga for 20 years.