Vaping – The Perfect Replacement for Tobacco


Modern society has finally accepted what many doctors have been saying all along, and cigarette smoking has gained a stigma that it cannot seem to shake off. Harmful toxins lurk within tobacco smoke, and this greatly increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease, and in the past few decades, governments around the world began to implement strategies to reduce the number of smokers within their communities. While quitting smoking has many obvious advantages, the craving for nicotine, which is present in tobacco, is often hard to overcome and a majority of those who try to quit, are unsuccessful.

Innovative Solutions

The demand for an efficient method to quit smoking has led to several innovative ideas, one being the introduction of nicotine gum, which does satisfy the craving for nicotine, but lacks taste. The gum did not really take off, and then came the e-cigarette, which delivers a controlled dose of nicotine in a flavoured vapour that mimics the action of cigarette smoking, and this helps when quitting tobacco.

A Healthy Alternative

For those who do not wish to suffer nicotine withdrawals, yet do want to stop smoking, there is a healthy alternative, namely vaping. A small, electronic device is used to vaporise a liquid, and when inhaled, it delivers a controlled dose of nicotine, along with delicious flavours that enhance the vaping experience, and with desire for nicotine satiated, there is no need to inhale harmful tobacco smoke.

Gradual Weaning

Many ex-smokers embark on a controlled vaping program that culminates is using only nicotine free e liquid, and most will continue to vape, but only for the enjoyment factor. Some users prefer to continue with their nicotine intake, and vaping allows you to do this in a variety of flavours, which adds a new dimension to the vaping experience. The endless search for the perfect taste has resulted in a long list of unique flavours, all of which have their own character.

Socially Acceptable

Because vaping does not create smoke, it is not harmful to those in close proximity, and it is acceptable to use an e-cigarette in many public places. The flavours allow one to really experiment, and you will meet like-minded people, all enjoying the benefits of quitting smoking. People are happy to socialise in a vaping environment, as there are no health issues, or bad odours from the practice. It is very easy to vape, as the device uses a battery, which means you can vape anywhere, at any time.

Online Solutions

If you want to experience vaping, and are looking for e cigarettes in Brisbane, there are online suppliers with a range of starter kits, along with an amazing variety of flavours. The e liquid can either contain nicotine or just made up of flavouring, as many vapers have never smoked cigarettes, so the need for nicotine is eliminated.

For those who are already avid vapers, you can buy a range of cool accessories, all enhancing the vaping experience, and by trial and error, you will eventually find some flavours that are just right.