Everything You Need to know about SI joint fusion surgery


Are you suffering from sacroiliac joint pain and not finding yourself at peace even after having needed medicines and other physical therapies? Chances are high that your doctor will suggest undergoing SI joint fusion surgery. Sometimes joint pain does not go easily and needs to treat on next level following joint fusion surgery. It helps the patient to get rid of pain and get back to normal life. This fusion surgery helps to joint two prominent bones (the sacrum and ilium). Let’s know everything about this surgery in a detailed way.

What Happens In Joint Fusion Surgery –

SI joint actually exists in between of two bones called the sacrum and the ilium. The sacrum holds a bigger triangle-shape oriented size at the base of your spine. The ilium is also big in size bone in your hip. The point where sacrum meets inside of the ilium is called SI joint. Going for surgery means these two bones will be amalgamated together. There are prominent two types of surgery

  • minimally invasive surgery
  • open surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery –These days most surgeons suggest to go with SI joint fusion minimal invasive surgery because of its incredible benefits. Moreover, it also leads towards a speedy recovery. In minimally invasive surgery, the doctor makes small cuts in the patient’s buttock and check sophisticatedly the ideal place to go with the surgical tools. Then a hole is made to enter the surgical tool and the joint is implant using screws or rods so that it would get more stable.

Open Surgery – Following open surgery, doctors makes a wide cut having a length of 7-8 inches long so that muscles and tissues could easily be opened to approach the SI joint. Cartilage comes in between which is removed and then a piece of bone from patient’s pelvis is taken and used to put into the joint. It screws in the joint to make it firmly stable. This process is called bone grafting. Once bone grafting transformation is done, the joint will get fused together. And the patient can continue daily activities easily after it.

Success Rate and Benefits –

Fortunately, an invasive surgical procedure is high in demand because of its obvious success rate. Invasive surgery has made possible to make patient have a speedy recovery, relief from pain and disability. Sacroiliac surgery is only advised in case if the patient does not get relief following nonsurgical treatments. Generally, patients get relief within 6-7 months of taking medication, practicing physical therapies etc., but if you do not get then you may have to undergo surgery.

Duration To Get Back To Normal Life-

Patients might have to stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 days if undergo minimally invasive surgery. This surgery generally gets accomplished within one hour. To get back to normal life after this surgery treatment, you might have to wait at least 6 months. On the other hand, open surgery usually needs more than 3 hours or more and the patient might have to stay up to 5 days after surgery.

Because of advanced medical science, we can live a healthy and fit life. SI surgery will make you get rid of pain and you will get back to your normal life once again. Do choose your surgeon carefully as it is all about your health.